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This blog is a bit of an experiment – hopefully one that will work out.  However let me rewind a little as to how it came about.

I love travelling.  I love to travel well.  I’m a bit of a frequent flier miles geek.  I’m a single gay man.

Loads of friends kept on asking me for advice about how I travel so much, and how I always manage to do so in first or business class.

So I made a few Facebook posts, have a couple of WhatsApp groups, but figured I should probably take it a little bit further.  It’s a crowded market out there and there are some awesome blogs on points and miles already.  For our UK readers, Rob’s Head for Points is my go to site and for our US readers, Ben’s One Mile at a Time is pretty great, to name just two.

But there was nothing really aimed at gay travellers.  Chatting to my friends in the UK, the US and Australia, lots of them were in to the miles and points game across a variety of carriers, and most read a lot of travel blogs.

But there was nothing aimed at us directly.  Hopefully this site will start to address that.

Lets be clear though, this won’t be about how you can get to Gran Canaria on miles to get wasted at the Yumbo Centre, or the cheapest accommodation in Puerto Vallarta.  It’ll be about travelling all over the world; it’ll be about the best use for your frequent flier points; it’ll be about great places to go out for dinner when you’re there and it’ll be about where to meet people.

So please sit back take a read and let me know what you think.  There will be Facebook, Insta, Twitter and YouTube channels to feedback on and interact.

Happy travels!


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