Stockholm to Sydney for Mardi Gras

Thought I’d post this as another good fare, albeit not outstanding.  It’s around £1,750/€2,000 give or take foreign exchange rate fluctuations, for a return from Stockholm to Sydney, in business class with Singapore Airlines.

What’s quite useful with this fare is that it books into D class, which earns 200% in programmes like Miles & More.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 17.38.31.png
Screenshot from Singapore Airlines website showing cheap fares to Australia

At the current exchange rate, SEK19,650 works out at about £1,750 however this fare routes via Moscow which might not be a palatable choice for many readers of this blog.  It works out a little more to route via Zurich or Frankfurt which personally I’d choose to do out of principle.  I believe that you are allowed to transit without visa through the airport as long as you don’t leave the airside area, but I haven’t done this myself so do check yourself.

The fare also appears to be valid over the peak Christmas and New Year period.  There are fares for SEK22,500 departing on the 14th December and returning on the 10th January.  That works out at about £2,025/€2,330.

I’ve only had the pleasure of flying Singapore Airlines business class the once, overnight from New York to Frankfurt, but was very impressed.  One of my best business class experiences in terms of the hard product, and the service provided by the cabin crew.  They’re highly recommend.

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