British Airways releases extra Club World award seats. Kinda.

I’m sure a lot of readers will have recently received an email from British Airways proudly announcing an extra 10,000 Club World reward seats available over the Christmas period.  Yay, that means I can go somewhere nice for the holiday period.  However as always with British Airways marketing spin, reality is somewhat different.

From a quick search on I’ve found the following:

  • Barbados – nada
  • Cape Town – no availability
  • Chicago – good
  • Hong Kong – good
  • Los Angeles – decent
  • Mexico City – zilch
  • New York – lots and lots
  • San Francisco – not bad
  • Sao Paulo – nope
  • Sydney – nothing

So it very much looks like if you want to go to a business destination in North America, you’re fine.  Anywhere warm, forget it.

However this is clearly good news, so if you’re looking to go somewhere over the festive season, I’d jump on the chance now.

However, this being BA, lots of other people seem to be checking too as now shows this:

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 14.04.33

At least someone didn’t pull the power plug.  Perhaps they should invest in a few more servers given all the cost savings they’ve made from outsourcing everyone?

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