Pride travel news roundup.

Virgin and Delta align (in more ways than one)

Delta and Virgin Atlantic are aligning their earning and burning on transatlantic flights from the 1st of September.  There’s a pretty forensic analysis of the changes over at Head for Points, so won’t duplicate the excellent work that Rob has done there.

However what is important is that Virgin are going with a more revenue focussed approach.  Travel on expensive fares, then you’ll be good from an earning and burning perspective.  However for the more occasional traveller, or those that like to redeem in Upper Class, do book soon – there are some huge increases to award levels.

The other interesting thing is that they’re both partnering together on Pride events in the US.  The tweet below shows that clearly a lot of work has been done to align the message to the LGBT+ community.

They clearly have a single marketing team now, so it’ll be interesting if other product and operational changes happen to more closely align the two carriers?  SkyTeam membership on the cards?

Uber and Drag Queens on demand in Seattle

Also in Seattle, Uber has been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons with the recent resignation of their CEO, Travis Kalanick, however it seems they did something rather cool for the LGBT+ community in Seattle this pride weekend.  Drag queens on demand!

There was an extra PRIDE option in the app to pick in certain neighbourhoods which would give you one of the five drag queens they had.  Perhaps they should do something similar for London Pride?

H/T to No Mas Coach

Delta and Tinder Photowall

Over at Bustle I read that Delta have created a photo wall in New York City for people to take photos of themselves next to a fake destination for their Tinder profile.

Having read through the vaguely vomit inducing article, I thought there probably was a nugget of truth to it, despite the rather facile headlines such as “Most Daters Take At Least One Vacation A Year”.  I mean, really? 🙄

I’m sure we’ve all been bored waiting for a flight at an airport and have fired up one of the apps to see who’s about.  I’ve certainly made both some good friends, and brief friends that way.

So this got me thinking, if us gays were to do this, could we get one of the big apps like Grindr, Scruff or Hornet to team up with one of the airlines and do something similar, or better?

What photos of which particular destinations should we have?

  • A dark room in Berlin
  • A beach from Sitges
  • The Yumbo Centre
  • Sydney Mardi Gras

Suggestions on Facebook and Twitter please!


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