Norway to USA West Coast £550 rtn in Premium Economy

It looks like British Airways are having a sale on Premium Economy from the Nordics.  Currently there are deals from Oslo to destinations including San Francisco for NOK 6,048 (£550).

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Destinations that I can find include:

  • San Francisco – NOK 6,048
  • San Jose – NOK 6,048
  • Los Angeles – NOK 5,971

The real value with these fares comes when you use either Avios to upgrade to Club World, or if you’re a Gold Card holder using a Gold Upgrade voucher which you get at 2,500 and 3,500 tier points.

If you book one of these fares directly with British Airways, then you are reliant on there being reward availability for you to upgrade into.  That can be quite scarce sometimes, but it’s worth checking using some of the techniques I described in this article, when my brother was looking to go to Vietnam.  That way you can easily check an entire month to see if there are free seats.

If you’re lucky enough to be a BA Gold card holder and hit 2,500 or 3,500 tier points then you’ll get a Gold Upgrade Voucher for two, or two vouchers for one.  These do exactly what they say on the tin, in that they provide a one class upgrade for a return journey.

There is one very important thing to know about these upgrades that makes them very valuable – you can book them via a travel agent, and that means you’re not restricted by award availability.  Instead it will book into normal revenue availability.

For the technical among you, there does need to be availability in certain booking classes:

  • Economy to Premium – “T” Class
  • Premium to Business – “I” Class
  • Business to First – “A” Class

Provided that they are there, then your travel agent should be able to process this for you.  Again, if you’re technically minded, you can check this yourself using a tool such as Expertflyer which I mentioned here.  Full instructions are available on BA’s travel agent support website known as the Speedbird Club.  The link to the PDF in question which you will need to point your travel agent at is here.

You will need to find a travel agent that knows what these are and is willing to book one for you. I’ve spoken with Jack at the Flight Centre in Oxford, and like the Cairo to Queenstown (New Zealand) fare, he’s happy to process one of these bookings for you. His email is:

So in summary, these fares are pretty excellent.  They’re even better when you have an upgrade voucher as you’ll pay about the same for one of these as you will do for redeeming Avios and paying the fuel surcharges.  Plus get a load of Avios and tier points back.  There is of course the hassle of positioning to and from Oslo, but it’s not too terrible.

So as much as I might moan and kvetch about British Airways products (more on that tomorrow), it’s deals like this that keep me coming back to them.

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