How much fuss can you make over a blanket and moisturiser? Quite a lot it seems.

For over ten years now, British Airways have been partnering with the cosmetics brand, Elemis in Club World (their business class).  They give out these rather pitiful fabric bags with a few products as their amenity kit.  Previous to Elemis, they had some rather nicer Molton Brown wash-bags as part of that partnership.

Well now it’s all change with British Airways and the White Company partnering together with their updated Club World product.

There’s a big splash on their home page, although when you click through to “Experience Club World” it still details the old product.  Ooops.

The new product should look like this.

It seems that they’re also introducing new bedding as part of the relaunch, which will happen from September on the London to New York JFK route only.  The rest of the network won’t get the new items until 2018.

Whilst this is clearly an improvement a number of items stand out.  I’m not sure why it takes so long to order a few blankets, pillows and wash-bags?  It’s going to be quite a poor customer experience to have this two tier service.

Secondly, it does nothing about the fundamentally poor Club World offering.  The seat is eight across and doesn’t have direct aisle access.  A new seat will start to arrive from 2019, but that will only be on the 787-10 and A350 aircraft.  When their first class product is uncompetitive against other airlines business class they need to do a lot more, a lot sooner.


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