British Airways Fortnum & Mason Summer Event.

This is a somewhat less traditional trip report, rather than being about a journey or a lounge, it’s about an event that British Airways held last night at the department store, Fortnum & Mason in Central London for Gold Guest List members.

Fortnum & Mason is one of the oldest department stores in London and for a number of years, British Airways has held small events for Gold Guest List members here, normally in one of the rooms on the fourth floor.  This was a much larger event with several hundred people attending, including Alex Cruz.

Alex Cruz at the British Airways Fortnum and Mason summer event

He opened the event and talked about a number of things, including the report into the recent IT meltdown, the investments they’re making into Club World and the on-going Mixed Fleet strike.  He pretty much read from his script the entire time and there were no new announcements.

British Airways also brought along the new bedding for people to look at.  I asked their brand manager about the reasons for the slow roll out, and I got the impression that it was related to budget more than anything else.

They also had the new Club World food service and wine service at the event for people to look at, and sample.

There were also some of the Ambassador team there, as well as staff from Fortnum’s themselves.

In addition around both of the rooms were food and drink stations.

There were also lots of British Airways management around to talk to.  Having been to these events before, they stand around, listen politely to the feedback (or rants) and then do absolutely what they were going to anyway.

I’m have no doubt that there will be zero meaningful improvements as a direct result of the rather robust customer feedback that was given.  It’s very sad as British Airways were market leaders and now seem to be more interested in cutting costs and product than delivering customer service excellence.


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