Top five cheesiest airline safety videos.

Every time we fly on an aeroplane, we have to watch the safety video.  Some airlines make a huge effort to update them frequently and keep them fresh and interesting.  Others never change them, and in the case of the British Airways one, I can probably recite it in my sleep.

So given this increasing trend, I thought I’d compile a list of the top five cheesiest, campest, that I’ve come across.  If you think there’s one that should be here, let me know!

5. Cubana Aviación

So this is filmed by someone from their phone so apologies for the terrible quality, however it’s completely sexist in a 1970s kind of way when that thing was tolerated.


4. Delta – the Internetest Safety Video on the Internet

Unfortunately Delta seems to have removed the original from their YouTube feed, so this is a slightly poorer quality version.


3. Virgin America – Safety Dance

There are definitely some hot guys in this, as well as a few more cringeworthy parts.

2. ANA – Safety Video

I don’t know why this one is hilarious, but it just is.  Also, Hans Ze German (for all the Pam Ann fans – NSFW) now appears to be working for ANA instead of Lufthansa.


1. Air New Zealand – Betty White

Nothing else needs be said.


UPDATE – Air Seoul

So since I initially published the article, I have come across this utterly crazy video from the Korean airline, Air Seoul.  Wow, just wow.

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