In pictures. Tatio Geysers, Chile.

Back in 2013, I visited the Atacama region of Chile.  I’d already shared part of my trip here on the Ginger Travel Guru, listing how I got there and posting some photos of the incredible Moon Valley.

Today’s post is some photos from the Tatio geyser field which is a good ninety minute to two hour drive away from our base at San Pedro de Atacama.

The journey starts around 4am while it’s still dark as you need to arrive at the geyser field a few minutes before sunrise.  The reason for this is that the geysers are only visible for the first hour or so of the day due to the hot steam condensing in the cold morning air.  If you were to arrive there around midday, very little would be visible.

Being a very early start, arriving in the dark and being at 4,300m above sea level means it was a very cold start.  When we arrived at the field it was around -11C.  It was really important to wrap up warm so luckily had my ski-jacket with me, including hood and gloves.

As the sun rose, the full extend of the geyser field became apparent.  There were a good few people around on tours, but it didn’t feel overly crowded at any point.

There’s even the opportunity to swim in some of the pools with basic changing rooms, however given how cold it was, I didn’t take the plunge in the end!

I took a couple of short videos showing how active some of the geysers were.

And this one too.

Overall, I can’t recommend a visit to the area highly enough.  It was an incredible day out, despite the early start.

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