Swiss First. Part Two. Zurich Lounge.

Yesterday, in part one of my trip report, I documented my journey from London Heathrow Terminal 2, flying Swiss in Business class to Zurich.

Today’s post covers my experience at Zurich airport and the rather wonderful Swiss first class lounge in the E concourse.

My flight from London arrived in the D concourse, which meant a walk off the plane, through the not terribly well sign-posted terminal to the E gates.  That involved a number of escalators and then a small train ride under the apron.

Arriving at the E gates I was required to clear security again however there was no immigration check as I was transiting from a non-Schengen to non-Schengen part of the airport.

There was then a small walk through the concourse following the signs to the Swiss first lounge which was a level up.  Immediately on exiting the lift there were two members of staff that greeted me and checked my boarding pass.  They asked if it was my first time in the lounge, to which I said yes, and then they handed me to the maître d’hôtel who gave me a short tour of the lounge.

Entrance to the Swiss First Class HON Circle Lounge at Zurich Terminal E

The design was beautiful – Swiss really have their end to end brand for every element of their product completely spot on.  Modern, clean and very well thought out.

There were a number of distinct areas to the lounge including a bar in the centre with some comfortable booths to the side.  There were a number of areas for lounging and around to one corner a number of meeting rooms that were available.  There was also a more formal dining room, however they explained that you could dine wherever you chose.

As it was a glorious summer day, I decided to go out onto the terrace and enjoy the view.  If you’re a bit of a geek like I am, it’s incredible having a complete view of the entire airfield, outside, with a glass of champagne in your hand.

As I only had about an hour in the lounge before my flight to San Francisco was due to leave, I went into the dining area to have a light bite as I was really quite hungry.

I was seen to a table and the very extensive menu was presented.  If I wanted to (or had time), there was the option for a full, multi-course lunch with a variety of different wines available.

In the end, I opted for the roasted tuna, from their “Classics” menu with a glass of white and then an espresso to finish.

Before I knew it, it was time to head down to the gate, albeit with a quick pitstop via the lavatory, which even that had a fantastic view.  The shower rooms were also named too.

The gate area was a short walk away with priority boarding again available.  In part three tomorrow, I’ll cover the flight itself.

In summary, this was probably one of the best lounges I’ve been in.  The food and wines were excellent and so was the service.  I also really love the design aesthetic that Swiss have implemented – everything has a purpose and has been thought out.  Highly recommended.



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