Throwback Thursday. Concorde stuff. First class in 2004.

Giving in to the very recent internet tradition of throwback Thursday, and going through some of my old stuff, I found a bunch of old menus going back as far as Concorde.

The first menu is indeed from the BA002, New York to London back from the last few weeks of service in September 2003.  It was a morning flight arriving in the afternoon, hence the brunch service.

Back in the day, British Airways had the concept of the “Concorde Cellar”.  They bought a lot of wine, direct from the chateaux, bonded, and kept it for years, to use on Concorde and in First.

I don’t know if the practice continued after the retirement, but if there’s anyone from BA that would like to comment, I’d be fascinated to know.  From my recent experiences, the wines on BA have at least remained pretty good, compared to the rest of the catering.

The other interesting thing to note is that the Concorde Cellar is entirely French wines – no new world options at all.

The second TBT item I have is also from British Airways in February 2004 on a lunchtime London to New York flight.

The first class menu as you can see is pretty brief, however the crew would construct a full multi-course meal for you from all of the ingredients, whenever you wanted to dine.  The current service does give you this option, however is a little more structured.


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