British Airways Tier Point Run? Vegas baby!

Being a London based flyer, means that flying British Airways is generally unavoidable.  That also means membership of their frequent flier programme the Executive Club.

The programme itself is skewed towards recognising the higher revenue generated by business and first class fares, however not in quite such a direct way as some of the US programmes do, that require a minimum dollar spend to get status.

That means that good value premium fares are especially helpful in collecting tier points needed to progress from bronze, to silver, to gold, and then to gold guest list.

Since the Brexit vote and the depreciation of Sterling against the Euro, there have been fewer attractive deals for those UK-based flyers.  In addition, American Airlines re-aligned their booking classes.  What that means is where previously most fares earned first class tier points, now the vast majority only earn business class tier points.

However, there are some attractive deals to be had.  In today’s post I’d like to highlight a particular fare from Amsterdam to Las Vegas that can be routed to give at least 840 tier points – that’s over half way to gold status.

The screenshot below shows one of the more optimal routings for the fare.

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 14.21.56
ITA Matrix Screenshot showing an itinerary from AMS to LAS

It combines both the BA001 London City to New York JFK service with first class on the American Airlines premium transcontinental service – meaning that for the vast majority of the route, you’ve got a flat bed product.

The fare breakdown is as follows:

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 14.25.26
ITA Matrix fare calculation screenshot

It’s certainly possible to tweak the flights somewhat and look for a different combination of flights for the same price.

However there are some important restrictions to note.  Firstly, there’s a seven day minimum stay which is defined as:


There’s also a 60 day advance purchase restriction on it as well.  You need to make sure that’s there’s I class available on the transatlantic segments and A or I class on the domestic ones.  The European feeder flights book into J which should be plentiful.

Finally, no stopovers are allowed, however a connection providing it’s less than 24 hours is fine.

There are some other good premium fares out there at the moment, however I think that this one has the best mix of price and tier point earning ability, coupled with ease of positioning to start the journey.  If you’re looking to do a tier point run in the next six months, this is what I’d book.

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