Least Generous Baggage Allowance Policy.

Today is Wednesday, and as there’s a “Y” in the day of the week, it must mean it’s time for another British Airways cut.

Last week we had the closure of the Toronto lounge, so this week it’s baggage.

With no notice, and for all new bookings with immediate effect, the new policy is described in detail on their travel agent website.  In order to access the link, just pick a country and click the “I don’t have an IATA number” link, and agree to the T&Cs.

In British Airways’ own words:

TodayYesterday, when a customer is travelling on a return or stopover journey in mixed cabins, the Most Generous Allowance (MGA) applies for baggage ie. a customer travelling outbound in World Traveller, but returning in Club World would receive the Club World baggage allowance on both sectors.

This policy has now been removed.  There’s now a handy little table that they have created to make it clearer.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 08.07.38
Table outlining changes to the MGA baggage policy

Essentially if you’re going to be travelling Club World one way, and World Traveller the other way, you’re going to get two bags on the outbound and only one bag on the inbound.

However in addition to that, lets say you travelling Edinburgh to London in Euro Traveller, have a stopover of more than 24 hours, and then London to New York in Club World, but still all on one ticket, you will only get one bag for the first segment.

All existing bookings, including changes to them, are still covered under the old policy.

Clearly this is aimed at extracting as much cash of out of people as possible.  For those that do want an extra bag, it’s £60/$90/€70 online, or at the airport it’s £65/$100/€75.  Ouch.


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