The ultimate #avgeek Xmas present. A320 hot tub.

I was browsing the Lufthansa WorldShop and came across this:

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 21.43.02
A320 Engine inlet hot tub from the Lufthansa WorldShop 

Yes, it’s a hot tub made from the engine inlet of an Airbus A320.  And it costs a cool €20,000.  Or, if you have a pretty big Miles & More balance, you can pay with 4,999,000 miles instead. The listing for the item is here, if you’re interested in buying one.

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 21.43.25
Closeup of detailing on the A320 hot tub from Lufthansa WorldShop 

The tub will accommodate between three and four people and has a capacity of almost 20,000l.

You’ll need to order soon if you want it in time for Christmas though, the website is quoting a delivery time of three weeks.  Happy Christmas!


  1. Hahahaa…..I was thinking 20,000L was a bit much, given the one in my back garden seats 5 & is about 1,500L – think you slipped an extra 0 in

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