When you see a good fare, book it. £1350 to Australia.

This post was going to be about a £1,350 Qatar Airways fare that I saw last night from Stockholm to Canberra.  However it went. But now it’s back again.

I was chatting with some friends last night and came across it. One of them funnily enough was on an aeroplane so told me to hold off whilst he got to his destination about 90 minutes later before looking at his diary in more detail.  Well, in this case, that was long enough for the fare to go. However checking again, just now, it’s back.

The screenshot below shows the final fare display from ITA Matrix.  It is for two people only and availability is pretty wide open from mid-febrary through to mid-May.  I’d planned a weekend away from London to Sydney for Mardi Gras.

The key constraint with this deal is that it is for two people so you’ll need to find a friend who is willing to come along, for the exact same dates.

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 20.24.22
Screenshot from ITA Matrix showing a ARN to CBR fare with Qatar Airways
As you can see, the fare comes in at under £1,350 per person.  If you’re crediting to the British Airways Executive Club, this will earn 600 tier points in total; the first segment earns 140 and the longer segments between Doha and Sydney earn 160 tier points as they’re over 6,000 miles.  In addition, you’d also earn roughly 32,000 Avios back, each.

My was post was going to say: “If you need to head to Australia, this really is one of those outstanding deals that doesn’t come around too often that’s worth jumping on.”

But then it went, so I pulled the article. However now it’s back. Confused?  Join the club!

I’ve reviewed the Qatar Airways product a fair bit, and I have to say it really is excellent.  It’s unlikely that you’ll have the Q-Suites on the leg to Australia, but even so, the old seats are still very comfortable.

As of 13.15 BST I’ve manage to replicate the fare on the Qatar Airways website.

Note that 29,666SEK is around £2,670, but that’s the total for two.

If you’re considering booking one of these, do look at my guide about some of the things that you need to consider – you should aim to factor in £150 to £200 of positioning costs all in.

Whilst Canberra might not be the most desirable of locations to visit, domestic flights in Australia can be booked quite inexpensively via the Qantas, Jetstar or Virgin Australia websites.  In addition, they can also be a good use of Avios given some of the shorter distances involved; one-way flights in economy are only 4500 Avios plus a few dollars worth of taxes.

Most of the time economy class fares can cost more than this, so if you can find a friend, then get the credit card out! Happy travels.

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