New Singapore Airlines Suites and Business Class.

Given that yesterday I covered my trip on a Private Jet, I figured today I should cover the next closest thing, and that’s the launch of Singapore Airlines new Suites and Business class cabins.  Albeit the A380 is at the opposite end of the size spectrum from your typical private jet!

I have to say that I am somewhat ashamed that I’ve never had a chance to fly Singapore Airlines myself.  However everyone I know who has travelled with them, raves about the experience.  I’ve flown with Cathay Pacific a few times, and had an outstanding time with them in both first and business and they’re broadly seen as their closest competitor.

So what have they actually announced?

First class, or Suites as they like to call it, moves from the lower deck to the upper deck.  They’re also reducing the number of seats from twelve down to six.  Each suite has it’s own separate seat and a bed.

This harks back to Lufthansa’s first class offering when they refurbished their 747-400 aircraft providing a seat and a bed on the upper deck.  However this is far more private as the Lufthansa cabin was very open.

In terms of the product itself, it looks simply amazing.  Singapore Airlines have always restricted redemption availability into Suites class very heavily, and I expect that to happen again as this new product rolls out, in fact doubly so as the number of seats in the cabin will halve.

They’ve produced a short video on the new products here.

In terms of the new business class product, they seem to have again made a huge leap forwards.

Like the Qatar Airways Q-Suite, they’ve introduced a double bed concept.  From the press images below, it really does look fantastic, plus it’s forward facing as opposed to the Qatar product which is only rear-facing.

One issue that some people had with their current business class is that in order to turn it from seat mode into a bed, you had to get up, and flip over the seat i.e. you couldn’t simply recline further and further back.  This new product seems to address that too.

These products will debut on their new A380 deliveries which will start next month, initially on their Sydney to Singapore route.  However they will be refitting all of their A380 aircraft over time with the new products.

They’ve produced a handy table comparing all of their products on their A380 aircraft.

Singapore Airlines new Products Fact Sheet
Table of New Singapore Airlines A380 products

I certainly can’t wait to try them out.  Now that I’m focusing more and more on Star Alliance, I’ll be sure to post any interesting fares that I find that may allow travel on these fantastic aircraft.



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