Lufthansa announces their new business class on Twitter.

Lufthansa today announced a sneak peak of their new business class seat on Twitter.  It won’t be with us until 2020 and will be fitted to their new Boeing 777-9 aircraft arriving around then.

From the pictures, it looks like a unique 1-2-1, 1-1-1 configuration where there is a middle seat, however it seems to have access to the aisle.  It seems most similar to the new United Polaris business class seat, which does make sense given they’re in a joint business partnership across the North Atlantic.  However Lufthansa’s seat is actually from a different manufacturer, Recaro, and opposed to United who use Zodiac Aerospace.

There was also a second tweet with this rendering.

They also confirmed on Twitter, that they will be refitting their current aircraft with the new seat too, directly replying saying:

Whilst we’re still a good two to three years away from getting to sit in it, it’s excellent news that it’s all aisle access and it’ll be consistent across the fleet.

I personally can’t wait to see this flying, as it looks like a huge step forwards from the current seat they have installed across their fleet.

In terms of the current product, I’m flying on one of their A340-600 aircraft in business class in a couple of weeks, so will have a full review of the experience soon.  Having flown it around a year ago, I found their product solid, with decent food and drink, however lacking in privacy compared to other airlines and unfortunately without aisle access for every seat.

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