The end of MyFlights. 😭

One of the first articles that I wrote was about three indispensable travel tools that I actually pay for.

Of those three tools, MyFlights is the one that I’ve been using the longest and works the best.

However as of 31st December 2017, the developer of MyFlights, Chris Schofield will be ending support for the app, due to his agreement with Amadeus, the underlying technology provider ending.

He said:

After nine years and more than 50,000 users, it’s with great regret that I announce that on 31 December 2017, MyFlights will be discontinued.

Our current agreement with Amadeus, the booking reservation system, comes to an end on 31 December 2017. Unfortunately, the new agreement doesn’t give MyFlights access to the data it needs to operate.

You can continue to use the MyFlights app and MyFlights on the web as normal until 31 December 2017. After this date, your existing bookings will no longer be monitored for changes and you won’t be able to add new bookings to your account.

Please check your inbox for an email with more information and further details on accessing your account after 31 December and status refunds.


However, if you’re in the trade, then don’t despair.  Chris is working with Amadeus on a business to business version of the app for travel agents.

It’s such a shame that app is ending, however in terms of the way that the GDS platforms work, it’s inevitable that they need to tighten up on how third parties access personal data on their platforms.

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