Lufthansa Timepass.

Lufthansa have released a new product which I think is a really interesting, innovative idea – they call it the Timepass.

The basic concept is that for a fixed amount, you buy a certain number of hours travel.  It can be for six, nine or twelve hours flying.  They’ve also got the option of buy it for one person, or for you and a companion travelling together.

With this flight pass, you can then make a number of return trips anywhere in their European network, within your allotted number of flying hours.

There’s a bunch of restrictions around it, but actually I think it’s a really cool idea:

  • Flights must be booked as a return, starting from either Munich or Frankfurt
  • Must have either a Friday night or a Saturday night stay
  • Have to make reservations at least 21 days in advance
  • You can’t use the same destination more than once
  • Travel from 1st April to the 27th October (and there are some blackout dates too)
  • German domestic routes are excluded

The prices are as follows:

  Single Pass Companion Pass
6 hours €249 €429
9 hours €379 €659
12 hours €499 €869

The flying hours are calculated by the block time of each flight i.e. what’s in the timetable, so if you’re delayed, your hours aren’t going to get eaten up.  But given this is Lufthansa the flights are going to be pretty much on time anyway.

The fares appear to be Economy Light, which means that you won’t get a checked bag, nor free seat selection.  What isn’t quite clear yet is which fare buckets it books into, or indeed if it’s even restricted in that way.

There’s a lot more detail on their website, including a FAQ, but if you live in Germany and love travelling, this could be a perfect way of getting around to see Europe.

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