FlyNiki suspends operations.

Yesterday, the leisure-orientated airline, FlyNiki suspended all operations.

Niki was initially the second airline that the Austrian racing driver and entrepreneur, Niki Lauda founded.  The first one, Lauda Air, as purchased by Austrian Airlines and merged became a subsidiary back in 2000.

Niki was his second attempt at an airline that ended up being purchased by Air Berlin which is the root of yesterday’s closure.

Air Berlin went into liquidation themselves back in October, shutting down all operations.  Niki only continued their operations as the Lufthansa Group were in negotiations to buy the entire Niki subsidiary from the receivers.  They have been funding all of the operations since then.

The reason for the swift shutdown was due to the fact that on the 13th December, Lufthansa announced that they would be stopping any further funding of the airline, as the European Commission had explained that they would not approve the purchase of the airline, due to competition concerns.

The FlyNiki website has the following notice:

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 10.00.56

This Bloomberg article has some more details on the shutdown, as other European airlines look to purchase some of their assets.  However as a coherent entity it seems like it’s the end for Niki.

If you have travel booked with Niki, I would suggest contacting your credit card provider and/or travel insurance provider to see what your options are.  Some airlines are providing discounted “rescue” flights, however they may not fit with your schedule.

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