Qantas London Lounge.

British Airways is spread across two terminal at Heathrow, Terminal 5 where the bulk of the operation is based, but they also have a significant presence over in Terminal 3 as well.

Terminal 3 is also where nearly all of the other oneworld airlines are based, with the exception of Qatar Airways and Malaysian who are over in Terminal 4.  That means that if you’re a oneworld emerald or sapphire, or travelling business or first class, there’s a variety of lounges to choose from:

  • American Airlines Admirals Club and Flagship Lounge
  • British Airways Galleries Club and First
  • Cathay Pacific Business and First
  • Qantas London Lounge

The Qantas London Lounge is brand new, having only opened at the end of November, but being under construction for quite a while now.

It is a combined business and first class lounge, so there’s no separate offering for customers in first class.  However there are reports that if you mention to the staff that you’re travelling in first, or are a Qantas Platinum One card holder, they have some champagne in reserve for you.

I was travelling in Club Europe over to Vienna on the 14.15 flight so arrived at the lounge around midday just as the last passengers for the Melbourne flight were going.

I was warmly welcomed by the member of staff, who explained that they had just finished their breakfast service, and that the buffet was now out if we wanted food.  They would be doing a proper dinner service later in the day, closer to the departure of their next flight.

The lounge itself is split over two levels.  The Gin bar is downstairs, along with the main dining area.

There was a beautifully designed staircase leading to the upper level.

Qantas London Lounge Staircase

Upstairs, there was another bar and a large amount of comfortable seating spread over the top floor.

Each of the spaces was nicely broken up, with different types of seating, but all designed around a common theme.

The buffet area was upstairs and had a good selection of quality hot and cold food.

All of the staff were lovely, and kept coming around offering drinks refills and top ups.  Talking of drinks, the gin bar was fantastic.

My personal favourite was the Sullivan’s Cove Hobart No. 4 gin from Tasmania.

All in all, I was very impressed with the Qantas London Lounge given it is only technically a business class lounge.  The food and drink selection is great, the staff were helpful and is a great place to relax for an hour or two before a flight.  It’s certainly head and shoulder above both British Airways lounges in Terminal 3.

If you’re after a proper sit-down meal, outside of when the Qantas Lounge’s meal times, then it’s definitely worth heading over to the Cathay Pacific Lounge instead.

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