Emirates new advertising campaign. Upgrade Your Airline.

I must confess to somewhat of an embarrassing omission – I’ve never flown Emirates.  I am lucky enough to have flown on the other two major Middle Eastern airlines of Etihad and Qatar (and very impressed I was too), but never got around to Emirates.

They have recently been investing in a new first class cabin on their new delivery 777-300ER aircraft which I reported on when it was announced.  That cabin will also be fitted to the aircraft that will be serving the Dubai to London Stansted route.

For those not quite so lucky as to be able to travel in first class, they’re now focusing on Economy with some quite nicely done 30 second commercials, suggesting you should just “Upgrade Your Airline”.

I think it’s actually quite a smart campaign, especially if it’s going to be running in the UK.  British Airways in particular has had a lot of negative publicity recently, so could be well timed to capitalise on that dis-satisfaction.

There are three further short videos, each focusing on one of the characters from the main video.

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