Iberia displays their A350 seat. Is that the new British Airways Club World?

Yesterday I wrote about the standardisation that was going on across the A320 fleet of aircraft between all the IAG brands of Aer Lingus, British Airways, Iberia and Vueling.

I pointed to IAG’s Capital Markets Day presentation from November 2015 where they went into some detail about the harmonisations plans.

After the A320, the deck goes on to talk about the A330 work between Iberia and Aer Lingus.  Finally, in that same section, they go on to talk about the A350 procurement process.

There has been much speculation recently about what the new British Airways Club World product will look like.  British Airways have confirmed that it will debut on the new A350-1000 aircraft sometime in 2019.

Some sites have claimed that the seat will be the Zodiac SKYLounge business class seat, which is what Emirates uses on their A380 aircraft.

However diving into IAG’s Capital Market Day deck, the slides talk about the A350 product harmonisation and standardisation, although business class is notable by its absence.

CMD15 vFINAL vPRINT a350 spec

A further slide analyses competitor configuration, but declines to name the IAG platform.  The next one outlines the number of aircraft they expect to be flying in each year.

CMD15 vFINAL vPRINT a350v2

Which brings us on to Iberia.

Australian Business Traveller reported a few weeks ago that Iberia had displayed its new A350 business class seat at a local trade show, the FITUR travel trade fair in Madrid.  Interestingly, I can’t find any press release on the Iberia site with any further details (other than what’s in the article).

However the article has a photo of the new seat which apparently is a modified version of the current Stelia Solstys III seat they have across their fleet.

Iberia A350 business class seat

Plus a cabin view.

Iberia A350 business class cabin

Given the IAG slides that I started the article with, could this be the new British Airways Club World seat?  The Zodiac and Stelia seats are both very similar from a layout perspective.

However given the specific omission on the IAG slides with relation to the harmonisation of business class, I suspect there’s something different coming.


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