Lufthansa First Class Terminal.

I left my trip report arriving into Frankfurt airport from Manchester.  Lufthansa has a couple of different options for first class passengers at Frankfurt, namely their regular lounges which are located in concourses A and B, but they also have their First Class Terminal.  Yes, an entire terminal.

I decided to head there, so wandered off the aircraft and headed towards the signs for the exit, passing through immigration as I was arriving in the Schengen Area, and then out into the arrivals area.  It’s then a left turn and a short 200m walk and the building is visible ahead of you.

Lufthansa First Class Terminal Frankfurt Exterior

There’s an entrance on the upper level for passengers being dropped off by car, but if you’re on foot there’s an unassuming entrance on the lower level.

Once inside, you take a lift up a floor to the main entrance, where there are a number of members of staff who will greet you.

I handed over my passport and boarding pass to the lovely lady and she escorted me through the private security lane at the entrance to the terminal.  Once through, there’s a small duty free shop and you enter the main part of the terminal.  I was there on a Saturday afternoon and there were a grand total of two other passengers there with me.  The personal assistant explained that on weekends they’re generally very quiet.

The main part of the terminal is very understated and I thought very tastefully decorated.  Some might find it overly clinical, but I quite like that.  There’s a variety of areas to sit down and relax in, a wide variety of newspapers and journals to choose from, and for people like me with mild OCD, they even have their gummy bears sorted by colour. ❤️

Then there’s the bar.

Lufthansa First Class Terminal bar

My photo doesn’t really do it justice until you take a look through the drinks menu.

I think most commercial cocktail bars would struggle to have a selection half as good as that!

I was feeling fairly peckish by this point so decided to head over the dining area and have some dinner.

They had both their regular menu, and a special one.  I’m quite a fan of hearty mountain food having Austrian relatives so decided to mix and match between the two.

This was the special menu.

With the main lunch and dinner menu.

I opted for the consommé, then the chicken, then the Wiener schnitzel from the main menu and was pretty stuffed after all of that!

It was all freshly cooked and really, really good.

Somewhat stuffed by all of that food, one of the other rather wonderful amenities that the terminal offers are a number of large baths, where you can relax with a rubber ducky before your flight.  As it would have been rude to say no, I indulged in a soak for half an hour.

With all of that, it was almost time to board the aircraft.  As the Lufthansa First Class Terminal is set apart from the main building, all passengers get driven to the aircraft.  In my case, I shared the vehicle with three other passengers also travelling on the flight.

We were driven directly to the steps leading to our Boeing 747-8i swiped in by the personal assistant and handed over to the cabin crew, of which more on that experience tomorrow.


The Lufthansa First Class Terminal is as little or as much as you make of it.  It’s understated, it’s elegant and it’s private.  It’s an astonishing facility that is bordering on a faultless way to start or end your journey.  I can’t think of a better way to wait for an aeroplane.

For those people that have travel bucket-lists, it simply has to be on it.


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