Lufthansa First Class. Frankfurt to Hong Kong.

After being driven to the base of the jetway of the fantastic looking Boeing 747-8i, the Lufthansa personal assistant swiped the four of us into the departures area and we proceeded up in the lift.  I think there’s always something quite exciting about being able to walk on the apron next to such a huge aeroplane.

Following the other passengers, we boarded through door 1 and was welcomed into the first class cabin.  I had seat 1A, which is right at the front of the cabin, in the nose and had four windows to look out of.

I was offered a drink and opted for a glass of Champagne.  It turned out that they had the Henriot Cuvée des Enchanteleurs 1998 as the tipple they were serving.  I’d never tried it before, but have to say it was one of the best Champagnes I’ve had the good fortune to try.  I’m not going to attempt to use any flowery wine language to describe it, so all I’ll say is that I found it better than the 2004 Vintage Krug that Singapore Airlines served me later on in the trip.

The first class seat on Lufthansa initially feels quite exposed, however there is a privacy screen that can be raised which does block you off from view from everyone else.  It’s not one of the fully enclosed suites that some airlines offer, however there’s so much space that it really doesn’t matter given there are only eight seats in the forward cabin.

There’s also built in Bose noise-cancelling headphones plus a couple of USB ports and a universal power socket.  There’s curiously a blanked off RJ-45 port which I suspect was for a previous generation of internet connectivity.

With that, the crew played the safety video and we started to taxi through a rather dark Frankfurt airport, before lifting off.

Lufthansa have a rather useful website where you can view your menu online before your flight – this also saves me having to scan them in especially as they’re larger than A4 size making them a real pain!  This PDF shows what was available on my flight.

Almost immediately after take-off, I was offered a hot towel, plus some more of the fabulous champagne and a glass of water.

After a few more minutes to get settled in the crew then started the main service by offering an amuse bouche.

They then started wheeling around the caviar trolley.  This is very much a Lufthansa tradition of which there was of course an ice cold glass of neat vodka to go with it.

The crew seemed to having a fun day with me, so even came around to offer a second helping, which scoffed just as quickly as the first.

After that came the starters.  This being first class, you don’t have to pick, you get all of them.

Lufthansa First Class starter selection

Then it was time for the main course which I opted for the variation of venison.  It was really disappointing given the quality of everything else.  Venison is a pretty lean meat, and it was over-cooked and dry – such a shame.  The presentation was fairly bad as well!

Lufthansa First Class venison main course

That said, there was no danger of me going hungry as a few minutes later the cheese trolley was rolled around the cabin.

That came with a rather lovely glass of port and feeling rather full at this point, plus more than a little sleepy, headed to the lavatory to get changed into my pyjamas for a nap.  My bed was made automatically by the crew by the time I got back – huge and very comfy with both an extra mattress pad and a lovely soft duvet on top.

Lufthansa First Class 747-8i bed

I must have slept for a good six hours and woke up around 2 1/2 hours from landing.  I wandered back to have a quick chat with the crew who were starting to get a few of the items ready for the breakfast service.  There were also some truly incredible views out of the window on both sides.

I dozed for a little bit and then around ninety minutes before landing the crew started breakfast.

They have a real hotplate on board, plus real organic eggs (unlike another carrier that uses liquid ones), so can do most styles for you, exactly to your preference.  I opted for some smoked salmon and scrambled eggs which was fantastic.   The butter even reminded you of where you were sitting! 😂

After I had finished, everything was cleared away and it was time to make our descent into Hong Kong.  It was quite hazy, but there were some great views out of the window.

View over Hong Kong

It was a reasonably circuitous approach, but after around half an hour we were on the ground and taxiing to the stand.

Final Thoughts

This was pretty much a faultless flight, barring the pretty rubbish main course.  The crew were utterly delightful and couldn’t do more for me.  I’m not sure there’s anything else I can say other than I stepped off the flight somewhat hungover, but having had a brilliant experience.



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