Singapore Airlines. SilverKris Lounge Hong Kong.

I left my previous post having landed at Hong Kong airport aboard Lufthansa flight LH796 from Frankfurt.

Upon disembarking there were a number of ground staff there to meet the first class passengers and help them with their journey through the airport.  I preferred my boarding pass to one of the ladies who looked at them for a few minutes and told me to follow her.  I was semi-hungover by this point and fairly tired so went with it!

We walked at pace through the airport, down onto a people mover train to the main part of the terminal and then up through to security.  There wasn’t much of a queue, but the lady I was with walked straight up to the “crew and diplomats” line so I followed.  She then walked straight to the front of the X-Ray machine grabbed a couple of trays and told me to put my stuff in it.  I felt slightly embarrassed but did as I was told!  Literally after two minutes I was through security and she walked me onwards to the Singapore Airlines SliverKris lounge.

The lounge itself has two sections, a business class side and a first class side.  However it’s all unfortunately window-less so there’s no view to speak of.  I asked the lounge attendants if there was a shower available and they quickly confirmed it was.

After a few minutes freshening up, I headed back to the first class section of the lounge to relax a little for the ninety odd minutes before boarding my flight to Singapore.

There were a wide variety of seating options in the lounge, which was completely windowless.  There were only a couple of other passengers there as well which made it nice and quiet.

The lounge did have a decent variety of both food and drinks on offer, however having just had breakfast on board, was too stuffed to try anything else.  The lounge attendant did come around asking if I’d like something – a gin and tonic was too good to turn down so she came back a few minutes later with one for me.

For an outstation lounge it was certainly fine, but didn’t think there was anything that screamed first class about it.  What I also found somewhat disconcerting is that as I was leaving, the lounge attendant pretty much shoved a feedback form in my face, asking me to fill it in for her, there and then.  I explained that I’d rather tweet my comments instead, which didn’t really seem to satisfy her.  I guess the staff are measured on how much positive feedback they get, however this seemed a little bit over the top.

In summary, it’s a perfectly pleasant place to wait for a flight for an hour or so, but there’s nothing particularly overwhelming about the place.


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