Guest review. LATAM Lounge São Paulo.

Today’s post is from a new guest contributor, Claudio.  He recently travelled back from São Paulo in Brazil and sent me this review of the LATAM lounge there.  I’ve only had a couple of experiences with them notably their lounge in Santiago, Chile which is excellent so was keen to find out more.

The lounge used by British Airways and Iberia in São Paulo is the LATAM lounge, which is located on the second floor after security and passport control, with easy access via escalators and lifts.

The lounge is available for all LATAM customers flying business class, their top tier customers and oneworld Emerald and Sapphire card holders.

I was flying Iberia back to London via Madrid and as soon as I was done with my check in, I was told to go to the LATAM lounge, although there is also an American Airlines Admirals Club lounge in the terminal next to LATAM’s. Next time I’ll try the Admirals Club lounge to see if it is any better.

As soon as I arrived in the lounge my boarding pass was scanned and I was told to keep an eye on the monitors as there were no flight announcements. I was also given the Wi-Fi password, which was reasonably speedy, certainly enough for internet and social media. Entering the lounge, on my right side I found a variety of newspapers and magazines in Portuguese, Spanish and English, with some bottles of mineral water next to it.

Since most of the LATAM long haul flights to North America and Europe depart in the evening, the lounge was fairly quiet in the afternoon, being used mainly by BA, Iberia and intra-South American passengers; it also offered a good view of the terminal.

There were plenty seats available and most of them with charging points next to it, but an adapter is needed to charge UK devices.  They were happy to lend me one from the main reception provided I left my boarding card there as a deposit. The lounge also offered a space for children, TV rooms, showers and also a sleeping area.

LATAM lounge São Paulo sleeping area

There is a bar with draft beer and space for you to make your own cocktails, plus the barman who was always around. There wasn’t any sparkling wine on display next to the white wine, you needed to ask the barman who was happy to fill up my glass several times! If your thing is sparkling wine, then better get a seat next to the bar! In terms of wine, there are two whites and two reds available. You just need to help yourself.

Probably, the weakest point of LATAM lounge was around the food as you couldn’t have a proper meal. There was only a selection of cold sandwiches and cheese. If you want something warm, at least in the afternoon, your choices are limited to a small number of typical Brazilian pastries and the popular mini pão de queijo (cheese bread).

A positive point of the lounge, including the toilets, was its cleanness. Staff were continually walking around cleaning tables and removing glasses and whatever was left behind by the passengers.

Overall, I would say the lounge is average (on the upper side of it maybe) given that it is one of the flagship lounges of the LATAM Group together with Santiago. Ideally they should try to offer a more personalised and private space for their top tier and oneworld Emerald customers though.

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