Singapore Airlines. First Class. Hong Kong to Singapore.

I left my journey leaving the somewhat disappointing SilverKris lounge at Hong Kong, and headed to gate 15, a 30 second walk away from the lounge.

Boarding hadn’t yet started so managed to get a snap of the 777-300ER that would be taking me on to Singapore.

The boarding gate was split into various lanes for each class and was the only one in the first class queue.  It turns out that when I got onboard that I was the only one in first class that day.

Singapore Airlines have only four first class seats on their 777-300ER aircraft, arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration.

I was warmly welcomed on board and escorted to my seat.  Business class passengers were invited to board using door 1, so there was quite a lot of foot traffic during the boarding process with people making their way back to business.

I was immediately offered a drink by one of the cabin crew who suggested that I might like to try a glass of Champagne, perhaps the Krug as they were serving the 2004 Vintage.  Never one to turn down some bubbles I quite happily obliged.

I was then offered some slippers, some Bose noise cancelling headphones, and an eye-mask.  The crew then proffered the rather extensive menu, which I have scanned in below.  Possibly one of the most extensive selections of drinks that I’ve seen on an airline.

Singapore Airlines not only allows you to pre-select meals, but also lets you “Book the Cook” by giving you a large menu of food to choose from in advance.  Not hugely fancying the choices from the menu I was presented with online, I’d pre-booked a rack of lamb so the cabin crew confirmed if that was still what I’d like to eat, and said yes.

After a few minutes on the ground, we pushed back and after a reasonably long taxi around Hong Kong airport took the skies.

The seat itself was huge – you could definitely have fitted two of me in there side by side. However as a seat I felt even with the leather cushion it was a little on the firm side and definitely not as comfortable for lounging in as the Lufthansa one was.  However that’s definitely a #firstworldproblem.  The seat controls were very extensive though allowing almost endless adjustments.

A few minutes after we’d taken off, the crew started the dinner service.

I had a Gin & Tonic for my aperitif with a small bowl of warmed nuts.  The crew then laid the table for dinner and I started with the antipasto platter which was some rather nice smoked duck breast.

That was cleared away and I moved onto the butternut squash soup, which rather than completely pureeing, they’d left some texture in it with some pieces of butternut squash.

Following that they brought a tomato, rocket and cucumber salad which was a great interlude.

The main event in the rack of lamb was next and it was really rather good.  If I was at a restaurant on the ground, it would have been a tad overcooked for my taste, but given where I was sitting, was pretty extraordinary.  A glass of Margaux complemented it rather well.

At this point I was pretty full, however the crew insisted that I try the chocolate mousse cake.  To give them credit, it was rather excellent.

After that, it was time to rest for a little and watch a movie.  The selection on the in-flight entertainment was excellent, so caught up on Darkest Hour, which I’d been meaning to see for a while.

The crew were still super attentive so felt it the interests of science I should try a glass of the cognac they had on board with an espresso.  This of course came with a plate of chocolates too.

Hong Kong to Singapore is only a three and a half hour flight so by the time I’d finished my movie, we were only twenty minutes out from landing at Singapore and the crew were preparing the cabin.

It was a pretty outstanding flight, especially coming after my brilliant experience with Lufthansa.  Both the food and drink were pretty awesome, as well as the crew.  The seat I’m not convinced on, certainly in seat mode.  Given the short duration and the fact I wasn’t that tired I didn’t try and get a nap, but it just seemed quite wide and spacious, but ultimately not amazingly comfy, especially with the rather bulky seatbelt.  I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to fly with Singapore Airlines again.


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