Singapore Airlines. Business Class. Singapore to Sydney.

Around 06.20 in the morning, I wandered out of the Private Room and onwards to gate B9 where my flight was departing from.  I mentioned earlier that Changi is a fairly large airport so it was a good fifteen minute walk over to the gate.

All security at Changi is actually performed at the gate, rather than being a central search area, so there were a couple of machines and metal detector arches.  It took about ten minutes as there was a fairly long queue, before I was through and into the gate area.  Thankfully by this point they had already started boarding and so was straight onto the aircraft, through door one.

I passed the single row of first class where I was sat on the previous flight and headed down to row 17, which was in the second larger cabin, about half way along.

Singapore Airlines in business class also has a 1-2-1 configuration, with very wide seats where you lie diagonally with your feet in the side of the seat in front.

People tend to have a love/hate reaction to Singapore Airlines business class seat.  It can only recline so far, and then if you want to sleep, it gets flipped over into bed mode.  Personally, I think it’s quite a nice concept however some people don’t like the fact that you need to get out of the seat to turn it into a bed.

The cabin was completely full.  The crew walked through handing out pre-departure drinks, however Champagne seemed to be notably absent from the tray.  I asked if they had any and was met with an “of course” and a glass appeared very shortly.  That seemed to set off a chain reaction with the couple beside me, and the person behind me also asking for some!

Before long we pushed back but had a rather long taxi and wait to take-off which meant leaving around 20 minutes late.

After take-off the crew came around with hot towels, nicely thick and lightly scented.  I think over the course of the entire flight we must have had five rounds in all which was a record for me!

Like the first class menu, the business class one was almost as extensive.

The service was slightly odd, but actually seemed to work quite well in that they only served a light continental breakfast after take-off.  Just a small plate of fruit and a croissant from the basket.  They did have more than enough for seconds and thirds if you wanted, but it was definitely on the lighter side.

By this point, I was getting fairly tired so decided to have a sleep.  I flipped the seat over into bed mode where it had the mattress pad and duvet cleverly hidden underneath it.  Of the almost eight hour flight, I managed a good four hours rest before I woke up.


There was a fantastic view over the Great Australian Bight when I woke up, around two and half hours from landing.

View over the Great Australian Bight

Before I went to sleep, I’d picked my main course, which was the braised short rib.  After another hot towel, the table was laid and the starter salad brought out.  I wasn’t a fan, it was over-dressed, still a little cold and just a bit ‘meh’.

Singapore Airlines business class starter

However after a few minutes the braised beef came out and that was excellent.

Singapore Airlines business class braised short rib

I quickly polished that off, but being full and fairly tired by this point didn’t have any dessert.  A further hot towel was handed out and then  I napped for the remaining hour to touchdown, where we landed about fifteen minutes late into Sydney.


The Singapore Airlines seat divides opinion.  I quite like and found it comfortable and got some decent sleep, but can understand those that don’t like concept of getting out of it to turn it into bed mode.

The food was good but not great.  The service from all the cabin crew was very good though, and with a full cabin, they worked their socks off.

Again, a little like all of my other experiences with Singapore Airlines I just had this niggling thought that whilst they were very good, perhaps weren’t quite as amazing as I was expecting them to be.  There was no surprise and delight or personal touches, just consistent quality.  Definitely #firstworldproblems.


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