The Singapore Airlines Private Room Part II and First Class to Hong Kong.

After my brief but wonderful stay at the Conrad, I ordered an Uber to the airport and was there within 25 minutes, being dropped off at the main part of the terminal.  Singapore Airlines do have a dedicated first class drop-off area, however wasn’t paying attention so the driver missed it.  It was a short walk in the terminal to the entrance to the first class area where I was greeted by a totally empty check-in area and some very bored looking staff.  They pounced.

I was sat down, handed over my passport.  I also explained that upon arrival into Manchester, I’d also be connecting down on British Airways to London Heathrow, and if they’d mind checking my bag into that as well?  “Of course, sir, no problem” they said “You know we have a direct flight to London”?

I think my slightly indirect routing amused them somewhat, but after a bit of tapping, the double baggage tag spat out of the machine, they handed me my receipts, boarding pass and invitation to the Private Room, and I wandered out to the dedicated First Class immigration queue.

Singapore Airlines Conjunction Bag Tag

That took all of 30 seconds and with that I was in the departures area of Changi.  It was a short walk over to the lounge complex, where I was greeted and escorted all the way through.  The agent at the desk explained that it was a very quiet time of day and there were a grand total of two other passengers in the lounge.  My flight departed at 13.05, so I had around 90 minutes there to grab some food and relax.

The Singapore Airlines Private Room virtually empty

I started with a glass of champagne and some water and had a look at the lunch menu.

I figured that as I had booked the cook, I was going to be fed within an inch of my life when I got on board the aircraft, so just decided to have something small, so settled on the “Dim Sum Delights”.  I had a pot of jasmine tea to go with it.

Before long it was that time, and like my flight to Sydney, it was gate B9, a good fifteen minute walk away from the lounge.

The next gate along was an Eva Air (the Taiwanese carrier) 777-300ER, painted in their ‘Hello Kitty’ themed livery.

There was only a short queue for security at the gate, and after a few minutes they announced boarding.  It was swift and again I was welcomed aboard by the cabin manager, where I had the same seat 1F.  The rather delicious 2004 Vintage Krug was still on offer so felt it would have been rude to say no.

The crew also handed out menus on the ground, and confirmed that I’d booked the cook; I’d ordered a sirloin steak this time.

Rather than reproduce the full menu, which is on my previous post with the outbound flight, the pictures below are just the lunch selections.

After take-off the crew brought the obligatory gin and tonic and some warmed nuts.  They then laid the table and offered the bread basket around.

For lunch, I opted for the tuna loin to start, followed by the beef shin soup, the salad, and then the Sirloin steak which I’d “booked the cook” for.

The tuna was slightly disappointing, and seemed too cold.  However the soup was completely delicious.  Sometimes it’s the simplest things done really well that can be the best.

When the steak come out it was a huge serving, although perhaps a little over-cooked for my tastes, was still really excellent.

I was pretty full by this point, however the crew insisted on my trying the dessert and for the purposes of this review I simply had to say yes.  That was finished off with an espresso and praline.  For the remainder of the relatively short three hour flight I watched movies and relaxed. With that we were on the ground in Hong Kong and I disembarked into the arrivals stream.


This was my second time through the Private Room, which I reviewed earlier.  My thoughts haven’t changed; it’s a nice restaurant to have some food in and wait for your aeroplane and nothing more.  I had around 90 minutes there this time, which is about the right length.

In the air, Singapore Airlines are very good indeed.  The food, wine and service are second to none with no expense spared.

But.  I don’t think there’s the connection that you can get with the best British Airways Worldwide crews, or Lufthansa, or Qantas.  It’s entirely subjective and pretty intangible, but.

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