The Pier. Hong Kong.

Apart from my outward journey, I haven’t transited Hong Kong for many years.  The last time that I did was also reasonably stressful in that I was travelling with my ex who was poorly at the time and so wasn’t really a relaxing experience.

So I was quite excited to be passing through Hong Kong airport with a decent layover, enough to try both the Pier, and also a couple of the other lounges.

I found the entrance to the lounge and headed down on the escalators to be greeted by the staff.

Once inside, I immediately recognised a lot of the design touches from the Heathrow lounges – it’s a very similar concept.  Very understated, elegant and exuded quality throughout.

Cathay Pacific The Pier entrance way

The lounge is essentially one long corridor with a number of spaces off from each side of it where you can eat, work, relax, shower or take a nap.

The pantry was a self-service area where you help yourself to some light snacks and food and drinks.

The bureau is a series of partially enclosed work pods, each containing an iMac, where you can focus on getting some work done.

At the far end of the corridor was the dining room.  A little like my recent review of the Conrad in Singapore, I wasn’t terribly hungry so just snapped a quick picture of the area, rather than taking the time to sit down and sample some of the culinary delights.  However I’m reliably informed it’s an excellent place to eat.

I decided that it would be a good time to take a shower after my flight from Singapore, so asked if there were any free.  I was immediately led into the shower suite area.

The shower suite itself was spacious, clean, and continued the design theme from the rest of the lounge.  There was also a lavatory and a bench for getting changed.  The large shower rose was fantastic, coupled with the Aesop toiletries, meant it was one of the best showers I’ve had in an airport lounge.

Feeling refreshed, I headed down to the lounge and bar area to relax for a little and rehydrate given all of the booze on the previous flight.

The bar area was at the opposite end to the dining room, and was broken up with many different types of seating, from comfy sofas, to arm chairs and some superb views of the apron.

I was getting a little sleepy by this point, so asked if I could use one of the nap rooms that they have.  The same attendant that showed me to the shower suite, took me through another door, and along a long hallway with perhaps ten or twelve different rooms where I could lay down.

It came with a retractable blind so you could block out the view to the apron if you wanted.

After a couple of hours chilling out there, I decided that it was time to check out another one of the lounges at the airport so thanked the staff and wandered out.


I really liked this lounge a lot.  Really liked it.  It was everything a first class lounge should be, quiet, elegant and beautifully designed.  There were places to rest, to eat and to work.  It never felt crowded, and everything appeared to be very high quality.

Whilst it didn’t have the same level of personal attention that the Lufthansa First Class terminal did, it was still a pretty exceptional place and I would say up there with the likes of the Qantas First Class lounge in Sydney.


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