Lufthansa’s First Class Terminal Part II. A short hop to Manchester.

I left the last instalment of my trip report, wandering off the Boeing 747-8i at Frakfurt’s Z pier at around 05.00 in the morning.

I’m not sure what I was expecting in the way of arrivals service, but there wasn’t any.  It was a couple of escalators up to a very, very long pier and walk to the transfer area.  I walk quickly, and I believe we arrived at the last gate, so after a good ten minutes arrived at the security check point.

Security at Frankfurt are awful.  I’m conditioned to the surly folk at Heathrow T5 who are generally useless, but Frankfurt took it to a different level.  Apparently cables and power adaptors need to be taken out of bags now too.  Anyway, after that ordeal was complete, I found myself in the A concourse which was a mistake.  My flight to Manchester was going from the B gates.  However I wandered up the first class lounge where upon instead of being welcomed to the lounge I was greeted with “We can’t drive you to the aeroplane”.  “Good morning to you as well” I replied.

It was 05.30 by this point so I just asked if I could have a shower.  “Yes, but we can’t drive you to the aeroplane, you’re best off going to the B gate lounge or the first class terminal”.  “I don’t care, I’ve been on an aeroplane for eleven hours and I want a shower”.

The shower was wonderful and I felt a little more human after that.  Heading back to the desk and the somewhat direct agent, I said that I would head over to the terminal and if they could give me directions.  Fifteen minutes later I walked into the terminal where the normal Lufthansa service resumed.

Interestingly, the security at the First Class Terminal didn’t have any issue with the cables and adaptors in my bag and were perfectly able to screen my bag without issue.

I did write a long review of the terminal itself a couple weeks ago, so tried to only cover the bits that I didn’t mention the first time around.

Given I was still a little tired, I asked if they had one of the nap rooms available so I could get a few hours rest and attempt to acclimatise a bit more to UK time.

I was led into a lovely room for a couple more hours kip, to try and regain some semblance of humanity.  It helped.

Breakfast was being served and they had an incredible buffet out that would put most five star hotels to shame.

The lounge was a lot busier than when I went through at the weekend, however the service and staff were still utterly brilliant.

After fuelling up, it wasn’t long before one of the members of staff there found me to head to the aircraft.  I was the only person on this flight so got driven in a Porsche Panamera.

It’s always super cool being driven to the aeroplane over the apron.  I believe that the aircraft had parked at a Schengen gate so they actually boarded people via a bus and stairs.  I was slightly early so ended up entering via the rear stairs and being the only one on the aircraft for a good ten minutes before the rest of the passengers arrived.

There was a light lunch served to business class passengers and around 90 minutes later landed into Terminal 1 at Manchester.  Oh and see you if you can spot the mistake in their in-flight magazine!


Ground services at Frankfurt are oddly schizophrenic, they’re either awful and rude with long walks (security and the lounge agent in A), or completely amazing (the terminal itself).  There’s no middle ground.

The First Class Terminal itself is brilliant and Lufthansa do have a fantastic on-board product.  I suspect the mis-understanding with the lounge agent at A was mainly due to me being in the wrong part of the terminal, but still, perhaps there was a better way of communicating it to me at 5am!  Either way, highly recommended and would love to pass through again.

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