Fare Deal. London to Portland, OR for £1400rtn in business. All alliances.

There are some good fares now, unusually from London, to the Pacific Northwest across all the major alliances.

  • They all require a Saturday night stay
  • Valid from 4th May to the 5th October
  • Have either a 28 day advance purchase (or 15 days for the SkyTeam fares)
  • No stopovers permitted


The oneworld fare is files with American, British Airways and Finnair, and is an “I” class fare (IKN8T1S6).  It’s a routed fare and the maximum permitted mileage is 5889 miles.

For those people after tier points, you should be able to route it via the premium transcontinental flight between New York and Los Angeles, meaning you’d get 640 tier points in total.

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 10.38.49

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem possible to route via Helsinki, which would add an extra 160 tier points as this exceeds the maximum permitted mileage by more than the allowed 25%.  I also checked out going via Paris for the last season of OpenSkies before it turns into LEVEL, but that doesn’t seem to be possible either.

The example above exceeds my “rule of thumb” £2 per tier point threshold that could make it great, however given that there would be no faffing around to and from a European starting point actually makes it very attractive for overall convenience.

Also, for British Airways Gold Card holders, this is a great fare for applying a Gold Upgrade voucher to, allowing you to travel in First potentially via Los Angeles or San Francisco, pending availability.  A good travel agent should be able to process one of these for you.

EDIT 11:40 – it’s also been pointed out that it’s valid from Manchester under the Finnair (AY) codes, with a fare basis of IKN8T1S6.  They’re the only one of the joint-business carriers to file the fare, so it books under their code, but is valid on AA or BA across the pond as per below.

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 11.40.11

Star Alliance

The Star Alliance joint business carriers have matched, meaning you’ve got your choice of Lufthansa, Air Canada, SN Brussels, Austrian, United and Swiss across the pond.  This is a “P” class fare (PKNCXU5), which can earn up to 200% with United.  Also, even though Austrian Airlines haven’t filed a fare, you can book it under the United codeshares.

If crediting to Miles & More, you’ll only earn 100% on this, however you can get the mileage to around the 14,000 level with some creative routings if you’re looking to make a mileage run out of it.

I’ve booked one of these myself as I’m looking to review both the new United Polaris seat on their 777-300ER and also Air Canada’s new Signature business class service which they’ve recently introduced.

The screenshot below shows one of the many different combinations that you could book.

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 10.55.58

Routing with the Star Alliance fares are a little bit more restricted, not using the MPM system, however all the various combinations give you a lot to pick from, including allowing you to fly Alaska Airlines on some segments to and from Portland.

SkyTeam and Virgin

Finally, the SkyTeam fare is available with Air France, KLM, Delta and Virgin Atlantic.  It’s a Z class fare (ZKUP0SMN).

At its simplest, you can take the non-stop Delta flight between London and Portland.  If you want to get there in the most straight-forward manner possible, then this is quite simply your best choice.

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 11.01.38

It’s operated by one of their 767s which doesn’t have the most modern Delta One seat, however it’s still not bad.

For those people preferring Virgin Atlantic, there’s a variety of different routings that you could take.  Connections are available via all the Delta hubs including Seattle, Atlanta and New York.

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 11.04.21


If you want to visit the Pacific Northwest, this is a great fare.  I’m using this myself to visit Seattle for Pride weekend (which is also my birthday weekend) by tacking on a couple of flights from Portland up to Seattle with Alaska Airlines.  It’s one of my favourite parts of the US so really recommend visiting.



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