British Airways sacks all Hong Kong based cabin crew. With no notice.

As some long time readers may have noticed, I’ve fallen out of love with British Airways.  Enough that I’ve moved all of my personal travel from them to Star Alliance and Lufthansa Group airlines, unless it’s particularly inconvenient.

Cost cutting has reigned there for far too long, the product isn’t what it was, and now that I’m a lifetime gold in the Executive Club, I figured it was finally time to move on.  I’ll be letting my Gold Guest List status lapse after seven years.

So last week, in their latest round of cost cutting, they decided to sack all of their International Cabin Crew (ICC) based in Hong Kong.  With no notice.  They handed out this letter.


Let’s not forget that last year, they produced this video highlighting the service that their crew from Hong Kong give.

Unsurprisingly, comments have been disabled for that video.

In addition, it appears that a member of the Hong Kong Legislative Council attempted to meet with a couple of British Airways representatives in Hong Kong to discuss the matter.  I’ll let this video from Facebook speak for itself.


All businesses go through cost cutting and consolidation.  I’ve been made redundant myself in the past; however it was done sensitively and appropriately.

It is a legitimate business decision to make to close their cabin crew base, however sad it may be.

However the manner that this was done is utterly unacceptable for any people-focused business in 2018.  This is disgraceful treatment of people that have worked for many years for the airline.  I understand that the local labour laws allow them to do this, but I personally find this both shocking and disgraceful.

British Airways are a service business and I’m sure many cabin crew from others fleets are very upset by the manner in which this was done to their colleagues.

I have no doubt that their remaining cabin crew will continue to be as courteous and professional as they always are to passengers, but on a human level, I’d be upset if something like this happened.

The local union have created a GoFundMe page to support the sacked staff.


  1. I’m just astounded it took BA so long to figure out that Mixed Fleet would be cheaper than local crew. Here’s hoping they have a lot of Cantonese speakers in MF.

  2. Yeah that’s pretty disgraceful! British Airways really are their own worst enemy. There isn’t a shred of humanity in dismissing people by a memo. Just more of the same from BA these days.

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