Air Canada Signature Suite. Toronto.

After my rather lovely flight from Vancouver to Toronto, rather than connecting straight back to London, I decided to stay for one more night in North America.  I found a decent rate at the Sheraton Gateway hotel in the airport which I don’t have a review of as I basically crashed after a long weekend of having fun in Seattle.

I mentioned a few days ago, that Air Canada actually offer a day flight from Toronto to London, which for jet lag purposes I find substantially better than a very short overnight flight where I can’t get a decent amount of sleep.

So the next morning I checked in for my flight and wandered through security and over to the international departures section of the airport, where my flight would be departing from.

Air Canada have recently introduced a new lounge at Toronto, the Signature Suite.  It is only for passengers who have a paid business class ticket.  Star Gold members and those on business class award tickets are not eligible to use the facilities.

Being a day flight, AC868 departs at 09.10 so I got to the lounge about 07.30 with the intention of having breakfast.  I was warmly welcomed by the ladies at the podium and ushered inside.  I was immediately greeted by a member of the lounge team who offered to show me around.

Immediately upon entering there was a lovely secluded seating area with a few small tables and a really nicely designed wooden surround.

To the right, there was a comfortable seating area.

Air Canada Signature Suite comfortable seating

In the main part of the lounge there was a huge bar area, with a number of open tables which were laid out for their breakfast service.

I wandered up to the bar and asked for a glass of champers with my breakfast.

“Er, I’m terribly sorry sir, but due to the Ontario liquor laws, we can’t serve any alcohol until 11.00.”

Oh.  Oh dear.

I instead had to make do with a rather excellent espresso that the lounge team made from their coffee machine.

Breakfast was also very good with a large choice of some really high quality hot and cold foods.

I walked around the rest of the lounge and there were a number more dining tables set up towards the back.

There was also a table for eight, set in the back of the lounge in its own private room.

Air Canada Signature Suite private dining table

The entire set-up looked very, very smart, and I can imagine at either lunch time, or in the evening, if you’re travelling as a small group, you could have a rather excellent dinner.

Overall, this was a very impressive facility.  Smart and modern, well designed and for breakfast had some great food.

I’d love to come back here before an evening flight to see what they really do have to offer.  Coupled with my flight the day before, Air Canada have clearly made some serious investments to their product.  I was impressed.


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