A year on, is the Swiss First Class lounge still as good?

Almost exactly a year ago, I reviewed the Swiss First lounge in Zurich and was very, very impressed so was curious to see if they’d kept their previous high standards.

Continuing on from the my previous post, I landed in Zurich and was first to disembark the Helvetic E190 which had arrived at a jet-bridge and made my way into the main terminal at Zurich, following the signs to the E gates.  There was a fair old walk to the main part of the Schengen area of the terminal.  I asked at the transit desk where the First lounge was and the lady told me take the escalator upstairs and look for the entrance opposite a shop.

There it was, with possibly the most unobtrusive signage ever.  I opened the door, and walked down a bizarrely sterile corridor, as if I was in the service area of a hotel.

But then at the end of the corridor I was warmly greeted by one of the lounge agents who scanned my boarding pass.  She mentioned that I was in the first class lounge in terminal A, and I was of course very welcome to remain here, however she suggested the lounge in terminal E was a bit better.  If I followed the signs for the limousine service, they would drive me directly there.  So I did.

I have to say, Swiss have every single detail of their branding completely on point.  Which is why the entrance to the lounge itself was so odd.  Everything else from here on was beautifully designed.

I walked down the corridor and was greeted by another member of staff who took us down in a lift to a waiting Mercedes van.  There were a couple of other passengers there with me and we were driven across the airport to the other terminal.

It was a short journey up in the lift directly to the lounge where the driver handed us over to the lounge staff.

Swiss A340 and Mercedes S Class

I was fairly peckish by this point so figured I would have some lunch in the dining area.  The menu was very comprehensive and given I had five hours for my connecting flight to Boston figured I may as well go for the Swiss tasting menu.

There were only a couple of other people in the dining area as well, and they went for the fondue, which looked rather good too.  However then they brought out my food.

The whole menu was pretty exceptional, especially when paired with their wine recommendations.

A year on, I was still incredibly impressed with the completely faultless experience and outstanding meal in the lounge there.  If anything given the extra time I had there, was better able to appreciate how good a facility it is – it’s easily in my top five lounges in the world to visit.

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