Swiss Senator Lounge. Zurich Terminal E.

So I must confess this isn’t quite as full a review of the Swiss Senator Lounge at Zurich’s Terminal E as I’d like.  For reasons that will become obvious as you read on.

To provide some context, the Lufthansa Group airlines (of which Swiss is part of) have three lounge ‘tiers’:

  • Business lounge
  • Senator lounge
  • First Class / HON lounge

The business class lounge is for those people in business class (funnily enough), plus those passengers who have Star Silver Status with Lufthansa.

The Senator lounges are the next step up, but perhaps only half a step and are open to Star Gold passengers and their guests.

The First Class lounges are open to those travelling in first class plus HON Circle members – Lufthansa’s highest tier.  As such, they’re pretty quiet and exclusive places.

This intrepid traveller was in the first class lounge and just had an amazing lunch, so went in search of a digestif.  I asked for a whisky, to which the staff asked if I’d been to the whisky bar in the Senator lounge?  I said no, so the lovely lady just wander out on to the balcony and walk through to the end, through the gate to the business lounge and then through the second gate to the Senator lounge.

After wandering through and into the lounge area, one of the agents came up to me and asked to see my boarding pass – she explained that they occasionally get people coming through via the balcony from the business lounge.  Her expression totally changed when she saw I was in first “Ah Mr. Cohen, please come and enjoy”!

It was pretty empty when I was in there, with perhaps a couple of other passengers.  I sat down at the bar and admired their selection.

I asked the lady for some guidance and mentioned I’m quite a fan of the peaty, smokey style.

The Ardmore

I’d clearly sparked something in the lady as she mentioned that she didn’t get too many people liking that style.

Suddenly she started lining up the bottles on the counter for me to taste.

Flight of whisky at the Swiss Senator Lounge Zurich

I spent the next 45 minutes sipping, tasting and chatting away.  It was bloody marvellous.

The Ginger Travel Guru in the Swiss Senator Lounge Zurich


I was very impressed.  Firstly due to the fact that this was just a business class lounge which was open to passengers who had Star Gold status.

Secondly with the sheer range of whisky available for passengers to choose from.

Finally, and most importantly, the sheer passion and knowledge of the staff working there, coupled with their ability to give you a fantastic experience.

I’m rather looking forwards to my next trip through Zurich!

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