Cape Air. Just awesome.

I mentioned in my previous post that I took the fast ferry from Boston over to Ptown.  Well on the way back, the ferry times just didn’t work out for me; I was going to meet a friend for brunch, before heading back to Boston Logan Airport and heading down to Texas.  The alternative option for getting back to Boston was to fly, and well given I loved flying, this turned out to be a no-brainer.

Cape Air are the only airline flying from Ptown back to Boston, using a Cessna 402 seating just ten passengers.

I headed to the airport wandered up to the desk; there were a couple of flights within 30 minutes of each other and they kindly offered to move me to the earlier one so I wouldn’t be hanging around so long.

Due to the size of the aircraft, they also weigh everything.  From checked bags, to carry-on items, to yourself!  I was checking a bag, which was included in the price of my ticket, however I was connecting onwards to an American Airlines flight which was booked separately.  No problem, for a $25 fee, they were able to check the bag through to American Airlines and even issue me a boarding pass too.  Normally I’m not a fan of bag fees like this, however I think items like this are the exception and didn’t think it was unreasonable given the circumstances.

Oh and there’s this sign at the airport.

No poppers at the airport

As flying by Cape Air is just a regular commercial flight within the US, the TSA are there to ensure that you’re subject to the same screening as everyone else.  However given the small size of the airport I have it say it was unquestionably the most lovely experience I’ve ever had going through security (as far as that’s possible).  The team there were polite, friendly, laughed and joked with the passengers and just generally fun.

When security was done, the dispatcher asked if anyone wanted to sit next to the Captain as the flight was going to be full.  Well of course I had to immediately volunteer myself!

So without further ado, we were ushered out onto the apron and onto the aircraft.  Out hand baggage was taken from us there and stowed safely on the aircraft.

The captain performed his safety briefing and explained that unfortunately all mobile phones needed to be turned completely off, and thus I wouldn’t be able to take any more pictures.  Totally gutted, I of course complied and just enjoyed the utterly stunning 40 minute flight from Ptown back to Boston Logan.

It was a gin clear day with stunning views over the cape.  Before long, the Captain was talking with Air Traffic Control and we were on the final approach into Boston.  It was quite impressive to be taxiing along with all the other regularly sized commercial aircraft in something this small.

A few minutes after touchdown we arrived at our parking stand where the ground staff retrieved our belongings and walked us back into the terminal.

Flying Cape Air on a Cessna 402 was truly magical.  For the rest of the day I had the biggest grin on my face.  For me, this is what aviation was really about, and with the truly incredible weather, it couldn’t have been any better.  If you’re travelling around the cape, or to any of the destinations served by them, I can’t recommend them highly enough.


  1. What was the price of the ticket – gutted you had to turn your phone off

  2. Very nice! A great way to travel from Ptown to Boston.
    I can’t believe you didn’t have a “normal” camera with you, though. Sure, cellphones take great pics these days, but a seasoned traveler like you might have at least a small digital camera too.

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