Fare Deals. Lufthansa Companion Fares from Italy.

Lufthansa have published some pretty decent companion fares starting from Italy – that means that two people have to travel together.  There are a variety of offers in both first and business class.

Despite my rather poor experience with them, they are generally a very good carrier.

The conditions are:

  • Must be booked by 28th October
  • Two people must travel together
  • Travel outbound from 24th October 2018 to 30th September 2019
  • Return by 31st December 2019
  • First class fares book into ‘A’ class and earn up to 300% mileage credit
  • Business class fares book into ‘P’ class and only earn 100% mileage credit with nothing at all in some Star Alliance programmes
  • Also valid on Swiss flights

Departures are valid from any Italian airport that Lufthansa and Swiss serve.  I’ve not included an exhaustive list, just the stand out deals.

The first class fares for two people are:

  • Hong Kong – €4999
  • Mumbai – €4599
  • Singapore – €4799
  • Bangkok – €3999
  • Rio de Janeiro – €5399
  • Sao Paulo – €5399
  • Johannesburg – €4599
  • Dubai – €3599

The business class fares, again for two people are:

  • Amman – €1199
  • Beirut – €1199
  • Bangkok – €2399
  • Bogotá – €2599
  • Mumbai – €1999
  • Cairo – €999
  • Delhi – €1999
  • Dubai – €1799
  • Hong Kong – €2399
  • Johannesburg – €2599
  • Rio de Janeiro – €2399
  • Sao Paulo – €2599
  • Singapore – €2199
  • Tel Aviv – €899
  • Seoul  – €2599

For me, the single best value in that list is Singapore flight in business class.  If you’re looking to head to either the Far East or down to Australia, you could book that, and then combine with the a second flight onwards with a different carrier or on miles.  Kuala Lumpur is also pretty close and with airlines such as Air Asia X based there, make it an ideal jumping off point.

You can even combine first and business class in the same itinerary – for example the screenshot below shows two travellers, to Singapore, outbound in business and returning in First class for €3498 all in.  That’s a pretty amazing price for one person, let alone two.

Screenshot 2018-10-24 at 22.51.22

Finally, if you do decide to book one of these, take a look at my guide for travelling and booking one of these flights if you’re starting from the UK.

EDIT – the booking links, even when following it from the Lufthansa Italian site’s home page, are giving errors.

The link to book via the Swiss website is here.

EDIT 2 – links are back working again.

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