Qantas to open a new First Class lounge in Singapore.

Anyone who’s been to Singapore recently will know that the oneworld lounge options get crowded.

Currently both Qantas and British Airways have lounges in Terminal 1, and Cathay Pacific have a lounge in the new Terminal 4 (which I’ve not yet had a chance to visit).

British Airways has a combined lounge for business class passengers, oneworld sapphire and oneworld emerald cards, with a separate “Concorde Bar” for passengers travelling in First Class only.  Until recently, they were allowing Concorde Room card holders (obtained at 5,000 tier points) into the room as well, however that practice seems to have been stopped.

Having been in there, it’s pretty underwhelming in that it’s simply a darkened room, with no natural light and fairly similar food and drinks to the main lounge.  Eminently miss-able, but fine for an hour or so.

The Qantas lounge next-door is a single lounge for first and business class passengers, open to sapphire and emerald card holders.  It was designed at a time, immediately after the creation of the Qantas / Emirates joint venture, whereby Qantas started funnelling more and more passengers via Dubai.  As such, Singapore was a terminating station served by aircraft with only business and economy, hence there was no need for a separate First Class section.

However since the spring, Qantas have changed their schedule so that they are now running their A380 service through to London, via Singapore again, with their 787 service going via Perth.

That means there are not only more passengers as a A380 holds a lot more than the previous A330 services, but there’s First Class as well.

Qantas have said:

With development due to start in April 2019, the Singapore First Lounge will offer seating for 240 customers, a luxurious design and premium a la carte dining with Asian-inspired menus.

The existing Business Lounge, which opened in 2013, will also be expanded. Combined, the First and Business Lounges will offer seating for more than 800 customers.

Set to open towards the end of 2019, the new First Lounge will be designed to suit the specific needs of transit travellers, with shower facilities, a cocktail bar, open kitchen and menu offerings reflecting the best of Singapore’s vibrant dining culture. It will join Sydney, Melbourne and Los Angeles as Qantas ports with a dedicated First Lounge.

They’ve also released a rendering of what part of it will look like.

Rendering of the new Qantas First Class lounge in Singapore

The Qantas First Class lounges I’ve been to are without exception, excellent.  I’m sure this will be a fantastic addition to the network and I’m very much looking forwards to travelling with them to try it out.

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