Black Friday Deals.

The major airlines are starting to post some Black Friday deals, so I’ve pulled together a couple that I think offer some decent value.

First up is a fare from Gothenburg and Stockholm to Miami available over both Easter and the Summer travel periods, which prices up at a little over £1,060.

It has the following rules:

  • The first trans-Atlantic sector must be during:
    • 15th April to 26th April
    • 27th June to 4th September
    • 18th November to 22nd November
    • 22nd December to 1st Jan
  • 6 night minimum stay
  • 21 day advance purchase

All three major alliances have roughly the same deal, so you can have it on any combination of (provided you stay within your alliance):

  • oneworld – American Airlines, British Airways, Finnair and Iberia
    Books into ‘I’ class
  • Star Alliance – Lufthansa, Swiss, United and Air Canada
    Books into ‘P’ class
  • SkyTeam – Air France, Delta and KLM
    Books into ‘Z’ class

Here’s an example fare, under American Airlines codes, but with travel on British Airways.

Screenshot 2018-11-20 at 22.01.21

If you’re a British Airways Gold Executive Club member and have a spare Gold Upgrade for two, or for one, this could be a great fare to use it on to get into to First provided you select BA codes and BA ‘metal’.

In addition, each alliance has their own specific sweet spots, so you can probably get quite creative with some of the routings, provided there’s availability in the right fare bucket for your journey.

The second decent deal I’ve found is a fare from Dublin to Sao Paulo in Brazil for slightly under £1,730 return with American Airlines.  This is not a joint business fare and is only valid on American Airlines ‘metal’ across the pond.  That means you can’t book on an American Airlines code, on a British Airways (or Finnair or Iberia) aircraft as you could do with the first one.  For those who want to get technical, the fare basis is INX9IMN1.

It has the following other restrictions:

  • Departure must be Monday to Thursday
  • 90 day advance purchase
  • 7 day minimum stay
  • Routeable via any East Coast gateway, and the onwards via Miami or Dallas Fort Worth
  • Stopovers are €150
  • Changes are €300

See below for an example itinerary:

Screenshot 2018-11-20 at 22.11.14

Again, with this fare, you can get quite creative, routing it via London, or potentially even via Madrid and then over the North Atlantic.  I suspect that at least 640 tier points should be achievable here with some creative thinking.

If I see any other great deals, I’ll be sure to post them.


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