British Airways First Class. London to Sao Paulo.

After a short delay before boarding started, I was quickly on board the 777-300ER led to my seat by one of the very friendly crew.  The cabin only had eight of the fourteen seats taken and so was nice and empty.  I had booked 4K and my friend 3K.

Their colleagues working the first class cabin quickly introduced themselves and offered pyjamas, a wash-bag and most importantly a glass of champagne.

British Airways First Class champagne

There was the standard Heathrow faff for take-off, but after around a half hour we’d taken off.  Less than fifteen minutes after take-off, I had a gin and tonic with some warmed nuts beside me.  What more could you want?

For dinner, I decided to have the salmon to start, then the soup, and the beef for my main course.  My friend and I also decided to do the ‘buddy’ dining where you’re able to eat facing each other.

The amuse bouche was nice, but I’m not sure has changed in two or three years.  The salmon starter was lovely, but again, seems pretty similar to what I’ve had previously.  The soup course was very good – I think it’s under-rated on board and something that I’ve found BA always do well.  The beef was overall pretty terrible though.  Grey, tough and over-cooked.  Beef is one of those foods that I think is difficult to get right on an aeroplane and unfortunately on this occasion wasn’t great.  That said, I was pretty hungry so managed most of it!  By the end I was pretty stuffed, so we ended up sharing the cheese.

At this point I have to mention the crew.  The entire team were utterly exceptional.  They were warm, friendly, judged that we were up for a bit of conversation and banter, but still totally on the ball with the service.  Drinks were always topped up, beds made proactively and every interaction was friendly and genuine.

I was pretty tired by the end of the meal service so the crew made up my bed in the empty 2K, where I proceed to crash and sleep very well for the next eight hours.  I woke up with about 1 hour and 15 minutes to go with the crew starting the breakfast service.

I opted for the omelette which was actually quite good.  The espresso machine was also working so had a rather decent double espresso too.

British Airways First Class breakfast omelette

It wasn’t long before we were touching down at Terminal 3 of Guarulhos airport.  It was a five minute taxi to the gate where there was a Lufthansa 747-8i just parking next to us.

Lufthansa 747-8i at Sao Paulo Guarulhos Airport

We were quickly through immigration and bags were off in roughly 20 minutes to be met by the driver from the hotel.


The crew were completely brilliant.  First Class in every sense of the phrase.  I truly believe that a great British Airways Worldwide crew really are the best in the business.

The rest of the experience was as it always has been for perhaps the last ten years.  The seat is a very good business class seat.  The bedding are what other carriers give you in business class.  The food is arguably worse than other carriers business class.

British Airways First Class is a very good business class.  However other carriers, notably Qatar Airways have a better business class than this.

Overall, I had a very pleasant experience, which was entirely down to the crew.


  1. I’d have to agree – when it’s good, BA First is great! But it all depends on the crew you get. I’ve had both superb and terrible service London to Tokyo. And having taken Qatar to Singapore earlier this year, I’d have no hesitation in saying their Business Class experience is superior to BA First.

  2. Have you been able to compare the First bedding with the new Club World one? I’ve seen pics and the White Company one in CW looks a bit like the one I got in First the other day.

    1. That’s a really good idea for a post! Anecdotally I’ve travelled with both and I really like the White Company stuff. The First product definitely needs upgrading.

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