Hotel Indigo. Liverpool.

A few weeks ago, I stayed at the Hotel Indigo in Glasgow, and had a really excellent stay. I was impressed with pretty much every aspect of the hotel, especially combining the modern design vibe of Indigo with the old building that hotel was located in.

So last weekend I was up in Liverpool and decided to stay again at the Indigo hotel there. I’ve previously used the Hilton Doubletree and also the aLoft there, both of which I rate.

Check-in was swift and efficient with all of my IHG details on file. I was given a room on the 4th floor of what appeared to be a 60s building, perhaps an old office block that had been converted into a hotel.

The room was nice, decorated in a much more modern style, but didn’t seem to have as much of a design touch as the Glasgow hotel. It reminded me more of an Ikea than anything else.

Also, my pet hate, there was nowhere to charge your mobile device next to the bed.

The room was also completely freezing when I walked in, with the bathroom being even worse. Both the main room and the bathroom weren’t carpeted (which I generally prefer), but given both were cold, made it feel even worse.

The heating system sort of spluttered into life, but the bathroom especially remained ice cold for the entirety of my stay.

The toiletries like in the Glasgow property were Aveda branded which I quite like. However the bathroom was quite small, and did I mention, bloody freezing!

Breakfast the next morning was pretty good, although I arrived down at about 10.00 on the Sunday morning and had to wait about ten minutes to be seated. There was a small buffet, but all the hot food was cooked to order. I opted for some smoked salmon and scrambled eggs which was very good. However I think it was sitting around under a heat lamp for a while as the salmon was already quite cooked through. Espresso was brought free of charge and was actually very good too.

Hotel Indigo Liverpool smoked salmon and scrambled eggs


It wasn’t a bad stay at all – apart from the room being a bit cold, it was a nice hotel. The staff were all friendly and helpful and breakfast was decent, if a little slow.

However perhaps I was spoiled by the Glasgow property as that seemed a notch above in pretty much every respect. I’d certainly be happy to return again in the future, but would probably opt for either the Doubletree or aLoft in preference.

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