The Flushing Meadows Hotel. Munich.

If you don’t want to read the rest of the review, the ten second summary is very simple. Over-priced and very disappointing, avoid.

There was nothing wrong with my stay per se, however the general level of amenities and service is what I’d have expected from a two-star hotel or B&B, not a four-star hotel charging €220 night in low season.

I started a day before my stay mentioned that reception closed at 18.00 and if I wanted to check in later than this I’d need to go to the bar.

I actually ended up arriving at about 18.20 and there was still someone there, but still, that’s not what I’d expect from any sort of hotel in a major European city.

I had booked a loft room, which was nice with huge ceilings, but seemed to be a little over-designed.  There were no free plugs next to the bed, so I ended up pulling out the cordless phone to plug in my adaptor to charge my devices.  The room didn’t have any sort of desk to work from either.

There was a Nespresso machine in the room a couple bottles of mineral water and a few magazines.

The bathroom was also pretty disappointing.  The shower had a single fixed shower head that seemed to spray out water at random angles.  The products seemed watered down and were from fixed bottles.  There was no conditioner.  There was no moisturiser.  The shower in the morning barely got hot enough so had a luke-warm shower.

Breakfast was pretty atrocious, which I even mentioned on check-out.  I paid an extra €15 for a few slices of ham, cheese and a croissant.  Oh, I got a soft-boiled egg too.

The internet was glacially slow, however at least it was free, although they give you a voucher which is limited to just two devices.  In almost 2019, fast internet is a necessity.

There’s no fitness facilities, nor partnership with a local gym.

I get that the hotel has an industrial chic vibe and there’s a trendy bar on the top floor, but for the hallways to smell of chlorine bleach isn’t what I’d expect.


In short, there was no single disaster with my stay, but simply a whole host of small things that came together that I wouldn’t associate with a property priced at this level.

For €90 a night, I might consider coming back.  Perhaps.  At the price I paid, I actually feel ripped off.

What I felt was most telling, is that I had a chat with the manager mentioning my general disappointment and gave her a list of issues (all mentioned above). Her view seemed to be that for the price it was about what I’d expect – she didn’t seem neither overly concerned with my disappointment, nor that bothered. I guess when the leadership acts like that and won’t even take on what I pitched as constructive feedback, it’s a bit of a lost cause.

In short, avoid.

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