Lufthansa Senator Lounge. Heathrow Terminal 2.

Terminal 2 at Heathrow is the de facto Star Alliance hub terminal.  As such there’s a number of lounges to pick from with most of them being in the satellite terminal, T2B.  I’ve reviewed all three of them, including the United Club, the Singapore Airlines lounge and the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge.

Over in the main T2A, Lufthansa has both a business class lounge, open to passenger travelling in business, plus also the Senator lounge which is open to unsurprisingly Lufthansa Senators, plus also other airline Star Gold passengers.  It’s meant to be a slightly upgraded experience.

Lufthansa Senator Lounge Heathrow Terminal 2

I was warmly welcomed at the lounge entrance and given it was Christmas time, given a Lufthansa gingerbread man.  I was also given a small piece of paper with a QR code on, that I needed to hold in front of the scanner that would let me through the entrance to the Senator lounge.  I’m sure if you wanted to, you could simply tailgate someone in to that side.

It’s slightly smaller than the main area, and to be honest, couldn’t see much difference at all.  The seat seemed pretty similar, as did the food and drink selection.

Again, as in the main part of the lounge, soft drinks, including something erroneously described as tonic water, came out of a fountain dispenser.  There was a basic selection of spirits and red and white wine.  There was no champagne, just some German Sekt, however there was draught beer available and a nice selection of cakes. The catering was by Do&Co.

There was a bunch of hot and cold food, including two different types of soups and a bit of salad, but all quite carb heavy.


It’s an ok lounge to wait for an hour or so, but not amazing.  For food, I still think the Singapore Airlines lounge over in T2B is better.  I’d say that it’s on a par (or perhaps slightly better than the Galleries Club lounges over in T5, but the Galleries First is still a better proposition from both a food and drink perspective, not least as they have real Champagne. However due to the layout of Terminal 2, it’s very convenient for the gates that Lufthansa use, meaning that it’s less than a five minute walk to nearly every one of them.

Overall the Terminal 2 experience I find to be very good and the “Gold Track” security is on a par with the First Wing at Terminal 5 in terms of speed and friendliness of staff.

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