Lufthansa A380 First Class. Revisited.

I was last fortunate enough to fly Lufthansa First Class on the A380 back in September. Unfortunately it was a pretty underwhelming experience for a whole variety of reasons.

By means of a follow up, and to give Lufthansa Customer Relations credit where credit is due, after I tweeted them they followed up within a week, with what I thought was a very satisfactory resolution.

Thank you for your continued correspondence. As a Senator Card holder and one of our most valued passengers, we appreciate this opportunity to respond to your concerns.
We regret of your dissatisfaction with the seat on-board on your flight to Frankfurt on 3 September 2018. Indeed, we have understood your description and regret the circumstances that occurred to you particularly as you expected a comfortable and clean environment on board when traveling with Lufthansa.
Also, we regret that you gained a negative impression with the meal you received on board your Lufthansa flight. Rest assured that we have immediately forwarded your feedback to our In-flight Service Manager and to the catering team. This will help us acquire the possibility of re-examining our on-board procedures and optimizing our services.
Whilst we cannot atone the negative experience, we will be pleased to invite you to dinner at a restaurant of your choice in the amount of EUR 300 equivalent to GBP 269 as a gesture of goodwill.

So it was on Christmas day that I was next looking forwards to travelling Lufthansa, on the first leg of my flight down to Australia. However I had actually booked a business class fare, rather than First. One of the benefits that you get when you become a Senator card holder, is that you are given two “eVouchers” which can be used to upgrade flights. One voucher will upgrade a single short-haul segment, and two will upgrade a long-haul segment.

As an aside, they’re nowhere near as good as the British Airways Gold Upgrade vouchers, given at 2,500 and 3,500 tier points as the Lufthansa equivalent is only good for one person, and the one long-haul segment.

However they do come with one crucial difference, you can waitlist for them, right up until departure. So that’s what I did.

I’d arrived at Frankfurt on my flight from Venice, and was queueing up at the gate area when my name was called out on the tannoy. The staff member handed me a boarding pass for 2D as well as my connecting boarding pass for the second Singapore to Sydney segment. Woohoo!

The first class cabin on the A380 is a lovely place to be. It’s right at the front of the upstairs section, with eight seats in a 1-2-1 configuration. There are also no overhead side or centre bins, as Lufthansa have installed lockers at the front and the rear of the cabin for passengers to store their luggage and hang clothes.

I could tell this flight was going to be different as soon as I boarded. There was one younger lady and one male cabin crew member (who was very definitely “family”) looking after us today. They were both fabulous.

The Purser also came around personally and introduced himself to everyone in the cabin, and had a long chat with each passenger.

The pre-departure Champagne was Laurent Perrier Grande Siècle which was kept regularly topped up until the safety video had played and we started our taxi out.

Pre-Departure Champagne

After take-off the service started properly. Thick, scented hot towels were handed out, followed shortly by an amuse bouche.

The table was then laid for dinner and bread offered around.

The first course is always their caviar service, which was offered with a glass of chilled Grey Goose vodka.

Next up, came the starters – all of them.

Lufthansa First Class starter selection

My main course followed after a suitable break.

Lufthansa First Class main course

Followed by the rather delicious cheese trolley.

I was pretty stuffed after that, so whilst I was getting changed into my pyjamas, the crew proactively made up my bed. I slept solidly for the next six hours, waking up around ninety minutes to landing.

I was still pretty stuffed by this point, so for breakfast opted for some wild smoked salmon and freshly made scrambled eggs. Which the crew turned into a smiley face for me.

Lufthansa First Class smoked salmon and scrambled eggs

There was time for a double espresso as well before landing.

Lufthansa First Class double espresso

Breakfast was cleared away and we were soon on the approach to Singapore’s Changi airport where we landed almost exactly on time.


I’d clearly had a duff crew on an off day on my previous flight. Both of the people looking after me on this trip were wonderful. The food was great, the wines were fabulous and the entire experience was very much first class.

If you want to get from A to B, in understated luxury, then Lufthansa First is a pretty good way to do it.

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