Singapore Airlines new A380 Business Class.

If you want the executive summary from my review – I was bloody impressed.  Singapore Airlines have a very, very good business class product.

But let me rewind.  I had just stepped off my rather lovely Lufthansa First Class flights from Frankfurt and had around three hours to connect to flight SQ221, a second overnight flight down to Sydney which was scheduled at a relatively short 7 hours and 20 minutes. From looking at the seat map online it seemed pretty empty, less than half full. I had seat 95A, near the back of upstairs, in the slightly smaller rear business class cabin.

I boarded upstairs, turned right, and headed towards the back – not normally an experience I’m used to! However upon boarding, it was clear this was a very smart product. The mood lighting was evident and the 1-2-1 configuration looked extremely comfortable and spacious.

The centre seats had a large privacy divider meaning that if you were travelling opposite someone you didn’t know, you could be completely closed off from them.

Exploring the seat itself, it was huge with every little detail seemingly catered for. Power, both USB and AC. Lots of seat controls, the bedding was already there, and a huge advanced IFE system too.

There was even a built-in mirror on the seat!

In terms of the IFE system – I was very impressed. Not only was there 30mb of free wi-fi, which was actually quick, there was the ability to link the system to your smartphone, via the Singapore Airlines app, and pre-select content.

Very shortly after getting to my seat, the crew asked to hang my jacket and then offered me a glass of champagne to start off the journey.

If I was being overly critical, the view out of the window was partially obstructed by the seat, but still wasn’t bad.

We pushed back on time, and taxiied around Changi, before taking off. Before take-off the crew asked what I’d like to drink once we were in the air, so being the creature of habit that I am, asked for a Gin and Tonic. Within less than twenty minutes of wheels up, I had one in my hand.

Now the party trick of the new Singapore Airlines business class seat on the A380 is that the centre seats can be converted into a double bed. Being a half empty flight, the crew very kindly obliged.

As they were making up the bed, the rest of the crew started the dinner service, on this short over-night flight.

Finally, after a four course meal, they wheeled out the cheese trolley.

Whilst not quite to the standard that Lufthansa gave me in First Class, the previous sector, this was still very good indeed.

The entire meal service was completed one hour and ten minutes after take-off. On a short over-night flight like this, that’s both exactly what you want, and also bloody impressive.

It was then time to retire with a glass of XO Cognac and get some rest in the double bed.

I slept pretty well, however even with a duvet underneath me, the seat was a tad firm for my liking. Waking up a around 45 minutes to landing, I’d slept through breakfast, which was fine by me as I wasn’t hungry, however the crew were more than happy to make me a double espresso.


Singapore Airlines have an outstanding business class product. I was very impressed with every aspect of the service, the in-flight entertainment, the very fast Wi-Fi with 30mb free allowance, and the service.

It’s definitely up there with Qatar Airlines Q-Suites as far as I’m concerned. As I type this, I’m actually sitting in the lounge in Melbourne, awaiting my 777-300ER flight back to Singapore – I hope that’s every bi as good as they have some incredibly high standards to live up to.

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