Hilton Sydney.

For most of the week that I spent in Sydney, I was staying on a friend’s sofa up in a rather lovely apartment at the tip of Potts Point. However he was leaving at the crack of dawn to head up north, the same day that I was leaving for Melbourne. To make life easier for both of us, I booked in my final evening in Sydney to the Hilton in the Central Business District. Being the 2nd of January, the rates were far more reasonable than a couple of nights earlier.

Being a Hilton Diamond, they had given me a room on the Executive Floor, but beyond that, it seemed to be pretty much what I’d booked. Annoyingly, it was only a couple of doors down from the entrance to the Executive Lounge, so there was a little more noise from the hallway than I’d have liked. However given it was only for the one night figured that it wasn’t worth grumbling over.

The room itself was pretty nice, in a fairly standard generic Hilton kind of way.

Immediately to the right as you walked into the room was the bathroom. It wasn’t the biggest, but was perfectly functional, having both a bath and a shower itself. The shower itself was ok, but the water pressure wasn’t massive, and nor did it have a rainfall shower head.

There was a decent desk from which you could work from, and they did include a plug adaptor in the room that allowed you to use US, European or UK plugs in a standard Australian socket.

Annoyingly, there weren’t really any plugs, or USB charging near the bed. There was a rather out of place looking Cisco IP phone, which I would have expected to see in an office instead.

Hilton Sydney King Bed

The bed though was great, and was made properly, despite my photo showing otherwise; I jumped on it before having time to take the photo! 🙈

Also in the room was a chaise longue and all the standard stuff you’d expect in the cupboard, including a mini-bar, safe, iron and ironing board. There was also a proper kettle for tea and coffee, but no Nespresso or other Espresso machine. There were also a couple of bottles of water.


Given its location, and the way the rooms are outfitted, the Hilton Sydney is definitely going after the business traveller. That said I had a perfectly decent, if perhaps less than memorable stay. Everything was absolutely fine, and for the roughly £130 rate, pretty decent value. I’d certainly come back, but would hardly be hammering at the doors desperate to return.

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