QT Hotel. Melbourne.

After a fantastic week in Sydney, including New Year’s Eve with a view of the fireworks without having to deal with any of the crowds, it was time to head down to Melbourne, before heading back to the UK.

I’d asked a friend who lives in city where to stay, avoiding some of the blander chains looking for something with a little more character – he suggested a couple, including the QT.

I booked a breakfast inclusive rate via Amex Travel who at the time were doing a £50 back on £200 spend special offer.

The hotel itself was in the CBD, a short tram ride away from Southern Cross station where you can get the bus to and from the airport.

Immediately on walking in, I could tell this wasn’t a bog standard Sheraton, or Hilton as I stayed at in Sydney.

The vibe was very like a W Hotel, but just more upmarket and done better. Check-in didn’t take long and I was given a room at the end of the hallway on the third floor.

QT Melbourne Hallway

Walking in, I was really impressed with the design and the little touches throughout the space.

QT Melbourne king room

As I walked in the bathroom was off to the right, with a large wardrobe ahead, and the bed facing it.

The bathroom itself was a really decent size, with double sinks and Malin & Goetz toiletries.

Someone had clearly thought about every aspect of the design here, as the lavatory even had a built-in night-light almost at floor level, controllable from the panel of switches next to the bed. Bright enough to see, but just enough.

The main part of the bedroom was equally well designed with not only a throw, but a whole host of cushions and pillows, which I had to pile up on the two chairs in the corner of the room.

QT Melbourne King Bed

There was a chaise longue, desk and chair in the corner of the room, with a little cabinet with a whole bunch of goodies including the espresso machine in the other corner.

There was a big TV mounted on the wall, but with a flexible mount meaning you could control the viewing angle.

Other nice touches included a little Bose SoundLink Mini in the room, next to the bed for you to pair devices to and listen to music.

QT Melbourne Bose SoundLink II in the room

If I was being terribly critical, there weren’t readily accessible USB ports next to the bed, but both sides did have a plug socket underneath the bed-side tables.

A note about breakfast

I was very impressed with pretty much every aspect of my stay at the hotel – it was really bloody good, apart from one single aspect – breakfast.

I mentioned that I booked a breakfast inclusive rate via American Express travel. This is what the website is currently showing as of today when you book a room there:

Except that breakfast isn’t quite breakfast. When I went to the restaurant, they had an à la carte menu and the “breakfast table”. The table contained some muffins, some pastries and some filter coffee and tea. That was it.

QT Melbourne breakfast menu

The menu itself was extensive. I was just rather annoyed that I couldn’t even pay the difference between the breakfast table (which I’d already paid for) and the à la carte items. I did mention this to the restaurant manager who was extremely apologetic. She explained that a lot of the European guests had provided identical feedback to me, however the hotel management hadn’t changed its policies. She did very kindly offer for me to order what I liked from the menu and it would be on the house.

The food when it did arrive was really excellent. The eggs had been slow cooked at 62°C and were delicious.


Minor annoyances aside with breakfast, this was a very good hotel indeed. It definitely appealed to my design aesthetic and there were also sorts of odd little touches, like the lifts that gave you snarky comments when you got in them. The staff were all great, and the bed was amazingly comfortable – possibly the best I’ve slept in ever.

I suspect that when it comes to my end of year review in twelve months time, this will be one of my top hotel pics for 2019. My only suggestion, book a breakfast exclusive rate and order what you want! Overall, it’s highly recommended from me.

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