Lufthansa First Class Lounge. Munich.

I’ve been exceptionally lucky to travel through some amazing lounges in my time. Having mostly switched my flying to Star Alliance and the Lufthansa Group I’ve been able to experience both their First Class Terminal at Frankfurt and the Swiss First Class Lounge at Zurich. However I haven’t yet had an opportunity to visit their First Class Lounge in Munich.

However my most recent trip took me through Munich and then on to Frankfurt before heading down to South America.

Lufthansa are based in Terminal 2 of Munich Airport, which is divided up into two sections, the main building and the Satellite. There’s a shuttle train that runs between the two parts of the airport and each of them have a First Class Lounge. For this review, I visited the lounge in the Satellite.

The entrance is well sign-posted and pretty clearly marked.

Once inside, I was warmly greeted by the hosts, and I took a walk around the space – there were perhaps only one or two other passengers in the lounge. The seating was divided up into sections where two, three or small groups could sit together in relative privacy. There were also a variety of freshly made snacks on all of the coffee tables. Each of the small tables also had built in power and USB charging too.

The staff here were also exceptionally friendly and all dressed in traditional Bavarian costumes as well, as opposed to ‘normal’ Lufthansa uniform. I was quickly brought a glass of champagne and a hot towel.

The lounge also has a very cool feature, a little like the Swiss Lounge n Zurich, of an outdoor terrace area. Whilst it was a glorious day outside, it was still the end of March, so a little fresh to make full use of it. I’m sure though travelling through in the summer it would be fantastic to and watch the planes.

Like the lounges in Frankfurt, waiting here, you’re not going to go hungry. The buffet is huge.

Drinks? Sure – they have everything.

After dinner chocolates and cigars? That too.

Part of the lounge was separated off into the dining area, so decided to sit down for lunch around midday. In addition to the buffet, they had an à la carte menu, with some specials too.

I figured I go for my favourites an order a Wiener Schnitzel and then some Apfel Strudel for pudding.

Finally, before I left, I stopped by the shower attendant to ask if they had any spare ducks going. She very kindly gave me one to add to my collection.

Lufthansa First Class Lounge Munich Gold Rubber Duck


Is this the best Lufthansa Group lounge? Is this better than the First Class Terminal? Better than the Swiss Lounge in Zurich? I don’t know. But it’s a pretty bloody amazing place to wait for an aeroplane. If you were being super picky, I think the only thing that I would say is missing is a spa, but then none of the other lounges in the group do either.

The staff were outstanding, the food and drinks pretty fabulous and there was virtually no-one else there. One of the best lounges I’ve ever visited – I’d say so.


  1. I’m flying back to South America MUC-FRA-GRU in first class
    I was wondering if I could both the FCL in Munich and the FCT in Frankfurt. My only doubt is because MUC-FRA is in business class but I bought the whole journey in first.
    Do you know how it works?

    1. Yes! You absolutely will have access to the first class lounge at all points on your journey. Have a wonderful trip!

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